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  1. I'm going to be realistic here, I'm going to spend at least a year playing maybe once a week and trying to get to 60. If I ever make it, I'll probably just do some BGs and maybe get to run at level 60 dungeon. That being said, I'm gonna spend a long time leveling, and PvP is my favorite part. What are some of the best classes to choose if I plan to spend most my leveling experience in BGs? Keep in mind I'm gonna have crap gear, no twinking investment for me. From some other threads, here are some leading suggestions: 1. Hunter 2. Frost Mage 3. Rogue 4. 2H Enhance Shaman (starting at 39) Here are a few I have questions about, are they at all strong below 60 at all? 1. Holy Pally 2. Shadow Priest 3. Any Druid 4. Warlock 5. What's the best healer? I don't care to have the most powerful class. I'm just looking to make sure my class isn't so terrible that I'm not going to have any fun without farming all the BiS gear while leveling.
  2. brookzilla39

    Best Professions For Leveling First Character

    Bump! I'm back again, only made it to level 25 last year and starting over with another try. Is there still a shortage of nodes for herbalism/mining in starting zones? If so, I'll grab skinning/tailoring... otherwise I'd like to go herb/alch.
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    Sweet, thanks!
  4. brookzilla39

    Leveling dilema

    Have any of you noticed an issue with either Imp Ambush or Master of Deception, per this post on the forums?
  5. brookzilla39


    Is this still true? I'm leveling now, and was planning on grabbing Master of Deception and Imp Ambush.... but are you saying they're broken?
  6. brookzilla39

    Leveling dilema

    That's very helpful, thanks! I'm asking more from a PvP perspective as well, sorry for not making that clear, so that's what I was looking for.
  7. brookzilla39

    Leveling dilema

    Frombehindyo - thanks for the detailed info! I'm looking at your Build 1 and 3 (currently only level 12, but trying to figure out what route to take). I know I want to go daggers (I love my sneaking around, and ambush crits on clothies), and I will be stopping for a bit to PvP in each of the brackets as I level. I have a few questions for you: Which of your specs would you say does the best with worse gear? I'm playing pretty casually these days, and probably will not dedicate a ton of farming to get the best gear possible while leveling. If one of your specs (or a more stunlock-focused spec, see next question) is substantially better at worse gear levels, I'll definitely be going that way It seems like your specs are based on big crits and ambush/backstab; what are your thoughts on stunlock builds? Am I correct in thinking that they're more viable at later levels when you can get more talents to complement the playstyle? I dunno if ambush or stunlock builds require better gear to be viable though What are the order of talents you'd suggest picking? Grab the 8 in combat first, then start building up the primary tree of whichever spec I choose? Thanks so much for all your input and knowledge!
  8. I'm just starting my first character on this server (and first vanilla character since retail). I want to pay more attention to professions than I used to, so I'm trying to decide what direction to go. I know skinning/LW is probably the easiest to level as a rogue, but I doubt it makes any money. It seems like herb/alch is the way to make money... but it also seems like there's a serious herb shortage which would make leveling it hell until I get a mount at least Any suggestions for first character professions that I can be doing while leveling? Should I just stick to skin/LW for now, and grab herb/alch once I'm 40-60? Are mining, enchanting, tailoring worth considering for any reason (as a rogue)? Was hoping through the use of professions while leveling I could ease some of the need for farming, and have gold for a mount by time I hit 40. Thanks!
  9. brookzilla39

    Making money while leveling

    If we're talking while leveling, wouldn't herbalism be a bad idea? I see everyone saying how hard it is to level up and find herbs you need on this server, I feel like herbalism might be wiser to grab at least once you have a mount? This is my first char on here (or on a vanilla private server), trying to decide what professions to take as a rogue. I grabbed skinning/LW, but figured I'd drop LW for herb/mining or something to make more money as my first char.
  10. brookzilla39

    Where can I get the correct version!?

    Where did you find a different version? Just did a fresh install of the torrent from the Elysium site and I'm getting this error.
  11. brookzilla39

    ERROR #121 (0x85100079) version mismatch

    Checking in - getting the exact same error on a fresh install. Deleted my WTF and WDB folders but no dice.
  12. brookzilla39

    ERROR #121 (0x85100079) version mismatch

    Checking in - getting the exact same error on a fresh install. Deleted my WTF and WDB folders but no dice.