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PvP while leveling as a casual - What classes?

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I'm going to be realistic here, I'm going to spend at least a year playing maybe once a week and trying to get to 60. If I ever make it, I'll probably just do some BGs and maybe get to run at level 60 dungeon.

That being said, I'm gonna spend a long time leveling, and PvP is my favorite part.  What are some of the best classes to choose if I plan to spend most my leveling experience in BGs? Keep in mind I'm gonna have crap gear, no twinking investment for me.


From some other threads, here are some leading suggestions:

1. Hunter
2. Frost Mage
3. Rogue
4. 2H Enhance Shaman (starting at 39)


Here are a few I have questions about, are they at all strong below 60 at all?

1. Holy Pally
2. Shadow Priest
3. Any Druid
4. Warlock
5. What's the best healer?


I don't care to have the most powerful class. I'm just looking to make sure my class isn't so terrible that I'm not going to have any fun without farming all the BiS gear while leveling.

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I think your initial list is good - Enhance is a bit suspect for me. You will have to grind out some specific gear to really make it work and outside of some procs and crits its really not that great for anything but highlights.

Warlocks are strong because of the control. Below 60 I don't think the rest of the list is that great.

I think Holy Priest is the best healer in vanilla, even pre-60. Downranking spells is strong.

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