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<Iron Edge> [EU] - BWL 8/8, MC 10/10, Ony 1/1 - Horde, PvP

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As easily the most prominent guild to ever be on Dunemaul-EU, during Vanilla and TBC, it seems only fitting that <Iron Edge> will now be remade here on Elysiums fresh PvP server. We are a semi-hardcore guild, built with the main focus on raiding, but also doing some PvP on the side. Once again we will enjoy in all the revelries that made the guild as beastly as it was in the past. We shall forge a new, strong, unwavering community with members who love to have a good time slaying raid bosses and alliance!


Raid Times:




All raid invites start at 18:45, raid begins at 19:00 and ends at 23:00 server time (GMT +1). We run a very casual raiding schedule, because we want to have fun outside of raiding aswell. This means if you are unable to meet our raid days DO NOT APPLY


What to expect from us:

Strong Leadership - None of this is new to us. The leadership team have raided everywhere from the most casual to top 20 world rankings on retail. We have extensive knowledge of guild management and fully grasp what is required of us and our players. We have planned out a course and, if you become a member, it means you shall become a part of the plan too!

Stability - Constant recruitment, permanent raid days, solid raid times and activity are the hallmarks of any successful guild.

Raids - All our raids will be fun, but definately not laid back. If you like spending more than 2 hours in MC, this is not the guild for you. With our raidleading experience we will push to have fast efficient clears with minimal downtime.

PvP - <Iron Edge> is a pretty agressive guild. Expect world PvP events and gank marathons with dank memes, blackjack and hookers. Infact these sort of activities are required of all our members. There is no mercy towards alliance here.


What we expect from you:

Attendance - We only raid 3 days max. This means every raid day matters, especially on progress. I repeat, if you can not join us and be on time during these raids, then do not apply.

Preparation - This means everything from pre-BiS to raid consumables. Fresh applicants to <Iron Edge> should be atleast half pre-BiS geared before even trying to apply.

Attunements - Molten Core, Onyxia and BWL attunements are mandatory.

Team Spirit - This means anything from socialising on TS, having a presence on the forum and playing with guildmates. We do not want raidloggers who only show up for farm. WE WANT YOU TO BE A PART OF OUR PACK!


Loot System:

We run a 2 man loot council. We want to have loot spread evenly across the raid and put important items where it matters. We don't want to waste any loot and a smart loot council, like ours, is simply better than the other loot systems out there.

Ultimately we think of loot more as a tool, than a reward. You play for the glory of  <Iron Edge> and your teammates. Items are just a byproduct of the success that stems from that.


Current Recruitment:

The leveling phase is over from the 04/02/2017, as scheduled. Recruitment is now standard (eg; lvl 60, gear requirements, work on attunements). Note that even if you haven't got the best gear, Iron Edge always considers strong applicants. A dedicated team full of players who strive towards the glory of Iron Edge is always at the front of our decision making, when regarding potential members.


High - Very needed, Apply now! 

Medium - moderate availability. 

Low - Only good applications 

Closed - Only exceptional, geared players and grills!


Warrior - Low

Druid - Closed

Priest - Low

Rogue - Closed

Mage - Low

Warlock - Low

Hunter - Closed

Shaman - Medium


NOTE: <Iron Edge> does not recruit hybrids (eg; Enhancement Shamans, Moonkins etc .. )


Website Information:

When you go to our website you will not be able to access anything. To view our pages your must go to the top right of the homepage. There should be a button there that says "Register". Do that. You will now be able to view the "Information & Recruitment" and "General Discussion" threads.




If you wish to contact us send a /w over to Shayss or Rageward ingame OR send me a PM here on Elysium or on the <Iron Edge> forum: http://iron-edge.shivtr.com/forums


Kind regards,



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On 24/11/2016 at 0:47 PM, Apollo said:



Were are the rogues and warriors at!

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Buuuump and also update - TS will be ready this weekend, come join us and see if you might like us. You can come chat or just hang our or even ask us questions if there is stuff you wana know about in finer detail. I figure it would be a good idea to get to hear the voices of our new players :)

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Come join us on TS. (details on website)


Getting hyped for the fresh start! Wana raid! Wana fight alliance!



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TOP KEK first boss fight, first boss kill.


Come Join Iron Edge for the stress tests, hang out on TS till servers are up and then get rocking with our guild.



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The list of potentials is growing.


If you think you have a chance to be a part of our community then sign yourself up.


We have TS available if you wana go on there (Especially for this sunday, the last stress test was lol!), we also chat in the Forum chat function if you are a bit shy.



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Shivtr is current under DDoS attack. So BOOM goes our provider for now.


Link to Shivtr Twitter


If anyone wants to apply and can't reach us atm, this is the reason.


You can leave a PM for me over here on Elysium forum for now if you want and I'll get to you asap.


Here is some death by Glamour while you wait.



Edited by Shayss

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