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Tailoring + ?

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Enchanting to indeed make.. errh enchants, but for BoE greenies, bear in mind that you can disenchant all items at 1/300 Enchanting, so you might want to have a level 5 toon to do this for you, since you will not really get any Bounds greenies/blues on fresh server except if you run a lot of dungeons.

Skinning however is useful for some Tailoring crafts, is really easy to level, plus it generates additional golds for every Beast you will kill.

tl;dr Tailoring + Skinning for fresh or Enchanting if you want it for a long-time investment as a level 60 profession.


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Actually I love going tailoring/herby. It's a brilliant of gold, consumables and gear at max level.

One thing that is essential though is levelling a bank character to level 5 so it can get enchanting (for disenchanting greens). A lvl1 enchanting skill is enough to disenchant all the greens in game.

So Tailor/herb and bank chat with disenchanting = BiS items and gold making opportunities from Tailor, Gold making or gold saving from herbalism (lvl60 is welcome to World of Consumablecraft) and gold through progression and materials for buying enchants.

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