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id banned

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Account Name:

PVP/PVE Realm: Anathema PvP

E-Mail Associated With Account:

Highest Level Character Name:Tearsoul

Ban Reason/Notes:

Thanks to GM[Mishudare].He told me that I was banned because I traded gold illegally.I was scared as I never buy/sell Golds since the Character"Tearsoul" has been established.I recall the transactions recently,and List them below:

1. A rogue and a hunter traded me (Heart of Fire),and I use Alchemy skill to devide it into (Elemental Fire) and traded them back.No gold trading or anything else.

2. I invited 4 friends in my Guild to Stratholme,for helping Paladin to heal us,I traded him several 5  bottles of (Major Mana Potion).

3. I joined a Raid Team in my Guild to challenge Boss(High Marshal Whirlaxis),and got the booty-(Abyssal Leather Shoulders),I traded the leader 100 golds because he used the Summon material to summon the boss.

In conclusion,I won`t do anything to break the rules of Elysium Project.Please help me to check my case again,thank you!

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something wrong

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I was scared as I never buy/sell Golds since the Character"Tearsoul" has been established.

What about before you "established" the character Tearsoul ?

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I'll start off by saying: Elysium staff will never ask for your account details or share any confidential information. For the safety of your account, never share any of your account information, such as email addresses, account names, or passwords.

When posting, only provide character name and realm. We do not need your account name or email.

You will have to fill out a Ban Appeal

You could check out this Link. and our Two-Factor-Authenticator option to secure your account.


Now according to our ToU:
The account owner is responsible for the security of the account and that it's sufficiently protected. Note that Elysium staff does not recover hacked accounts.

Elysium staff will not recover any lost or deleted characters, regardless of circumstances.

Game items such as experience, gold or equipment that you have lost through accident, very rare failure of the server, or otherwise, cannot be restored.

GM Team

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