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Gnomisch or Goblin?

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Hey there,

just wanted to ask for your opinion on what to pick. I'm a Hunter going for PvP. Is there a recommended specialisation? Do I even have to decide or can I just go vanilla Engineering up to 300 and decide later?

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You know that feeling you get when you build something really exquisite and it works perfectly?  Gnomes don't.

Okay, I quoted that from memory when you read the book(s) that describe what each specialization is like ...


Goblins make BOMBS.

Gnomes make WEIRDS.

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I went Gnome and I like it.

Goblin has better bombs, and as a hunter if you're already used to buying ammo I suppose bombs would be nice. I find them tedious because when they run out you have to go mine again. "The Big One" requires mithril casing, which requires 3 mithril bars to make, which is one of the most contested ores at the moment. However, it has 5 second stun which is more than enough time for you to get some distance.

Goblin offers a helmet that lets you charge someone and incapacitate them for 30 seconds. It's really strong, but as a hunter I'm not sure how useful getting within melee range of someone will be. It has a long cooldown, 30 minutes, and is probably something you can use once per battleground. When Goblin boots fail they explode and you have to rebuild them, I think you recover some of the parts. Again, more tedium.


I picked Gnome because when you build an item, you keep it. None of this consumable crap.

For a Hunter I think Gnome would be better, because as a Hunter you want to get away from people not get closer to them. Gnomish net projector will help you in a pinch. Great for catching people trying to get away, and great for giving yourself a moment to get some distance. It backfires maybe 20% of the time. Cooldown is 10 minutes.

The boots are slightly unreliable, I'd say 25% of uses you'll go "out of control" at a random time during your run and that could really screw you up in a PvP situation. Still, I love those boots.

Gnomish shrink ray might also help you as a hunter, you can really cut down the attack power of a warrior or rogue giving you the business melee range.


Your call mate. I'd say Gnome for the net if you're willing to trade less tedium for a little bit of unreliability, or Goblin for "The Big One" if you're willing to farm a bit every once in a while for reliability.

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Eventually I settled on Gnomish, thinking that the grenades are a bit too restrictive for my taste what with their limited range, the travel time of the projectile and their rather small-ish AoE (and I can always just use regular grenades anyway).

So far I have tested the Mind Control Cap, the Death Ray and the Net Projector.

MC Cap: useless as Hunter? It takes up an item slot, you need to dismiss your pet beforehand and once you MC'ed someone you can't even walk him down cliffs because you can only issue him pet commands. Not sure where this is useful.

Death Ray: seems very solid. The channeling time is kinda long, but it's a nice way to burst down enemies who managed to get into your dead zone.

Net Projector: so far the MVP. I have yet to net myself and if you use it on targets in Freeze Trap you can even make up for that little risk. Otherwise it's almost like a 10s stun. The trinket that I always have equipped.

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