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LW/Skinning Looking for Enchanter.

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Hey, Right now i'm a level 21 hunter who have LW/Skinning as professions. I found out i will find alot of Greens and craft them as i level up my professions.

So, I'm looking for a Enchanter who's willing to take C.O.Ds from me as i level up and when i'm level 60 aswell.

I was thinking the price depends on the level of the item i C.O.D to you.

Here is my price example.

lvl items 1-20=15s
lvl items 21-30=25s
lvl items 31-40=40s
lvl items 41-50=55s
lvl items 51-60=70s

Feel free to add me or send me a mail ING if you're interested. (ING Friska)



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