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Why is the elysium server always down now

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I really love the server...ALOT! I am extremely addicted but ever since the merger with Zeth, it has been laggy as hell and down for most of the time.

Please tell me this is not the way it is going to be from now on??? I want this server to be the best, and i will play on here forever and invite all my friends to come but not like this....

Maybe you should limit the amount of people that can play on the server at any given time like blizzard used to do. Implement queue times. I thought the max was 2000 on barthilas on blizzards server.

Do not get me wrong I love to play with as many people as possible but not when my ms is bouncing between 300-1000 every few minutes.

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11 hours ago, Luwoo said:


I dont understand? rekt? How? Maybe i am slow but it looks like he wants me to take my complaints to twitter & monitor regular announcements? So I am confused but what is the forums for then? Are they only for people to say "oh wow, your server is amazing, butterflies are everywhere and how everything is so rosy!

Maybe I didnt think it was necessary to spend hours searching pages of tweets that may or may not answer a simple question which is obviously too much brainwork for you and your inconsiderate friend molly.


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