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Hunter per at low level

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Hello hunters, 

I recent created an dwarf hunter and I don't have much experience with them. I was wondering what good pet is too tame for the early levels. Also what's a good pet to use in pvp? 

All tips appreciated. 


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At low levels, any cat or raptor is best, because they do the most damage. Owls are also pretty good. If you're BM, you will get frenzy talent at level 35.  You'll want to switch to a fast attack speed pet, so frenzy procs more often. You can get a starving mountain lion at 23-24, needles cougar at 26-27, or a swamp jaguar at 36-37.  They are identical in terms of dps.

If you're leveling marksmanship, many hunters choose a boar, because they open with a charge stun and a big first hit, which helps them hold opening agro better. Boars are also more tanky.  Marksman hunters also like wolves for furious howl. 

For pvp, boars do well for marksmanship. You can time the charge stun to land right when your aim shot fires. Its a great opener. If you're BM, stick with your fast attacking cat so they pushback enemy spell casting. Choose a pet that can learn dash, or dive, or charge so they can get on your pvp target faster.

Truly, you can't go wrong choosing a pet at low levels. Biggest mistakes are the easy ones, like feeding them and teaching them to growl.

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