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lazyhunter autoshot+petattack macro

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those who just want to press 1 button /afkautoshot with petattack how would u set it up

so the pet would attack the same target as me ofc

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this is the best all-in-one macro i have found for initializing combat:

/script PetDefensiveMode()PetAttack();if CheckInteractDistance("target",3)and(not PlayerFrame.inCombat)then AttackTarget()elseif not IsAutoRepeatAction(1)then cast("Auto Shot") end if not buffed("Hunter's Mark","target") then cast("Hunter's Mark") end

what it does:

- set pet to defensive
- attack  with your pet
- sets hunter's mark
- attacks with ranged weapon if in valid range
- attacks with melee weapon if in melee range


you might need SuperMacro, not sure because i always have it installed:

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