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Bonereaver's Edge and SoCru

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With my current items I have for ret reckoning I am thinking using SoCru for my main DPS seal when fighting casters.

Things to Consider:

1) SoCru doesn't seem to actually lower my damage per hit, just makes me attack 40% faster with a large attack power bonus I actually hit harder per hit too.

2) Frost Oil and Imp Blessing of Freedom will help avoid people from simple just jousting my DPS advantage. So I can now sit on my enemies and if they got even faster weapons then  me I don't care because I have reckoning.

3) I can get a lot more BRE armor debuff stacks with SoCru and it has an exponential effect because the more it procs the more it refreshes old procs. It's impossible to get it to stack almost with command but very easy with SoCru against cloth classes that don't have high dodge/parry.

4) I can still Judge Command when I stun my target is stunned.

5 I can still use SoC against enemies who have high delay weapons that I don't want to parry haste. (IE: MS Warriors)

6) I don't have any spell power plate and my mana pool is tiny so spamming JoCommand ATM isn't really possible anyways currently.

7) If I am getting purged spammed I can still use rank 1 SoC for a DPS boost.

8) If I am fighting a caster that escapes and have to switch to like a feral druid in the middle of heated combat. I can still use SoCru to judge on the feral and start using command.

9) Against cloth classes it seems my reck bombs with SoCru are getting about 400 damage bonus on average from the attack power bonus, which is less then what command proc would do but (b/c it can crit).... my next swing is also about 40% faster. So between speeding up the next swing and the increased attack power on my white attacks I think it's pretty much the same burst as command when fully stacked against lightly armored enemies.

10) I can use a resist aura against a caster and lose almost no damage.

11) There is no spell power plate so spamming JoC on cool down is just kind of bad DPS. By not planning on spamming judgements so I can focus less on int and grab even more str stam and crit chance.

Anyways, I plan to try this build out on live stream. I will be sporting 2.3k mana and PvPing. Aren't I a special snowflake.

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Good luck, SotC is good, but in pvp you should be trying to weave in and out of range of your melee opponents to maximize damage and try reducing damage as well. SoC makes it easier and more effective.

You could also use rank one SoC > SoR Seal twist for extra damage and proc chances.

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1 hour ago, Whitewolf said:

You could also use rank one SoC > SoR Seal twist for extra damage and proc chances.

If this works its a bug, SoR seal twist doesn't work if I remember right. I think Theoloras had a big post about it.



Looking forward to your results Drakova, especially against casters like spriest/lock.

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