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Happy GM's Day!

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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment to recognize Elysium's amazing GM team on the official GM's Day! (It's a real thing - look it up https://gmsday.com/)

When Nighthaven launched, we started with a small group of people who were dedicated to making Elysium a fun, stable, and most importantly, fair place to play. 

Since the launch of Nighthaven just over 4 months ago, our GM's have put in a combined total of 43,120,619 seconds or 499 DAYS of in game /played time doing their best to catching bots, gold sellers/buyers, hackers, and handling in game item or chat disputes. This number is far more staggering than I expected, although I am hardly surprised. We have some truly great and dedicated GM's volunteering their time to make Elysium the best play to play Vanilla WoW.

Happy GM's Day to the best GM team I've had the privilege of working with - I couldn't ask for a better family to spend time with each day (ya, you heard me Mom).

Elysium Lead GM


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