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Whats your favorite game!!

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Whats going on everyone I'm new to the staff and just want to get to know everyone quick so I thought I would start off by asking what ya'll favorite games are!!!

I'll start off with my list




WoW- Elysium and Retail

DB Xenoverse 2



And of course Call of Duty MW2 


download (2).jpg


download (1).jpg

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By most hours played: cs.1.6, dota1&2, diablo 2, half-life including various mods, vanilla wow and War3tft.
However in my own opinion: Half-life, Doom, Diablo1&2, Nethack, Warcraft series, Transport tycoon (yep), Dune2000, Red Alert, DukeNukem3D, Rise of the triad, Hexen.

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