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Patch 1.8 — The Dragons of Nightmare

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Brave Champions!

   The Blood God Hakkar and his minions have been eradicated from Azeroth but there is no time to rejoice. The Nightmare Dragons have awoken out of the Emerald Dream and chaos is spreading across the land! The Portal to the Emerald Dream has opened! 

Prepare yourself Champion The Dragons of nightmare are upon us!

Patch 1.8 is here!


Some changes that are coming up in Patch 1.8:



- Added level 50 class quests for the Warrior, Shaman, Paladin, and Warlock. Trainers in the major cities will let you know where to start your quests!

- A few new quests have been added in Tanaris. Head over to Steamwheedle Port to see if you can help out!

- The Rin'ji’s Secret quest line now has an ending and rewards! If you previously finished the Rin’ji’s Secret quest out of The Hinterlands, speak with Oran Snakewrithe in the Magic Quarter of the Undercity and select the Oran’s Gratitude quest!

The following repeatable quests have had their levels increased to 55:

- Morrowgrain to Darnassus

- Morrowgrain to Feathermoon Stronghold

- Morrow to Thunder Bluff

- The net result of this change is that level 56+ characters will notice an increased amount of reputation when turning in Morrowgrain

- The Thislewood Axe will no longer be an available option as a quest reward for the Webwood Venom quest.

- The level 30 Mage Class Quest rewards are now Superior (blue) quality


World Bosses:











Spawning: Duskwood, Hinterlands, Feralas, And Ashenvale


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Everything at patch 1.12.1 is already in the game. The patch changes are made server side so the users don't have to download updates.

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