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Low FrameRate/GPU Usage - Also have crashing issues/Disconnects

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Keep having issues with low framerate that i ended up finding out is localized to LOW GPU Usage. I have ran this client in Compatibility mode and as administrator along with adjusting settings in game and in the Radeon control panel. I am running Windows 10 1803 (Not a Windows 10 Insider) have the latest GPU Drivers and Client. Running with 32GB RAM @ 3000Mhz AMD Ryzen 1700 Clocked @ 3.9 Ghz and AMD Vega 56 Overclocked as well. I think my PC can run the original Classic WoW client lol. Don't know if there is known compatibility issues. Other games i play don't have any issues including other legacy applications in Windows 10 1803. Any help will be grateful. Thank you. 



Also have issues with the client disconnecting and crashing. IDK why this is doing this. Is there issues with Windows 10 and this game? 

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I have a very similar PC to yours and everything runs fine, and like you said I don't think this is a hardware issue you have a very nice PC.

I would try a complete re-download and re-install of the client. Lately with many issues here on the forums I am finding corrupted downloads to be the leading cause of issues.

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