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Best TROLL trio leveling + instances ?

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Hi everyone ! Me and 2 of my friends are going to Play together Classic Wow. We absolutely don‘t want to Speed levelling, just having fun and questing/instancing. 

First of all, we want to play 3 trolls (Cause RP and fun about this crazy race)

One Wants to Play war, good Point for us. I want to play Mage.


My other friend is hesitating : priest or chaman...

War + priest + mage ?

Or War + chaman + mage ? 


We want to avoid fighting between us about gear (priest vs mage), but maybe chaman is too short about healing for instances.

And I guess late game, priest will have to spe heal so it won’t be the same gear needed for each of us, even if it is only clothe gear.


I am a little bit lost about this choice of class, and I have to inform that my friend  doesn’t care about playing priest or chaman, we just want to know the most efficient team ! 


Thanks you and see you soonly!



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Since no one has replied, my opinion would be the Warrior, Mage, Shaman Combo of the two you listed. The shaman can off-heal but also DPS when needed and you don't have to worry about splitting much gear that drops. Totems are great utility.

Also a shout to Warrior, Mage, Hunter Combo. Hunter pets can be very useful and hunters are legendary for their leveling speed. Things will die incredibly fast after level 10 when hunter has pet.

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I think hunter+mage+shaman would be nice. Hunter with bear pet to tank stuff, mage to cc, shaman to dps/heal. u should melt enything coming ure way and probly can do dungeons with the bear pet. but any tank/dps/ofhealer will be nice. Ive leveld with a warrior+holy paladin. Went pretty smooth but not that fast. But we had lots of fun on the way to 60. Get the xp token. Nowadays it helps a lot. Back in the day we didnt had that option so a healer was really nice to have around.


Edit: i see now that u want a mage+warrior. So either a priest or shaman is good. Shaman probly a better synergie with the warrior.

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