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What do you think about this LEVELING build for pve/pvp

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Okey so i thought i wanna do world pvp while leveling up and doing instances etc.

Im gonna go normally combat till level 40 and then re-spec to https://classicdb.ch/?talent#fZhbVZxMjoMh0o

after that level it up till https://classicdb.ch/?talent#fhe0oZhbVbbZxMjochRo  and re-spec again at level 60


What do you think ? I dont mind if my leveling slows down and i wont be using daggers. I could put those dodge talents to improved sinister strike if thats somehow more viable in pve ?

Im not that good rogue but i find combat boring and i dont really feel like rogue so i thought is this hybrid build viable ?

i wanna have fun while leveling and dont mind if its slower. I just want to know is this viable in any way ?



Sry bad english

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There are tons of vanilla rogue guides here on the forums and throughout the internet that are well thought out and established. 

My recommendation is to really read through a few of them.

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