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  1. Renew

    [Addon] DebuffTimers

    hey guys, i know the addon has a lot of bugs things to improve but atm i dont have time and motivation to write on it :/ dont expect new updates this year but i also know this is a cool poject that many would like to see bugfree and useful - maybe of the beginning of next year i find myself in a better position to have time for this :)
  2. He guys, this is an addon i made long time ago. Now fixed for current servers (except the one with char trading). Nothing special, it counts the online players and show you some Informations: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rlsjh691ezmk5y5/Yusukdike.zip
  3. Renew

    [WTS] Raptors

    WTS some white Raptors (1.6k gold each) and one red Raptor (2k gold) write me ingame: Alliance : Redemption
  4. noone gives a duck, f. off
  5. awesome! this shows perfectly why all the critics can suk dike!
  6. Renew

    Elysium Project: Moving Forward!

    You guys have my full support!
  7. there we have the problem, just reroll priest :D
  8. Show dispellable debuffs does work for me, the problem is on your side, nothing to fix here
  9. Renew

    Suzerain's Resignation

    my favorite GM on old Elysium, i wish you all the best for the future!
  10. Renew

    [Addon] DebuffTimers

    yea youre right, i will take a look how to solve this without a long delay timer:)
  11. Renew

    [Addon] DebuffTimers

    the current version doesnt support other clients then EN/US but in the version im working on there is a localization file for other languages (russian has been implented) i need ppl that can translate the spell, effect and parser text for others clients i cant do that myself, feel free to find someone who can do that :D here is a list with text that has to be translated: http://pastebin.com/ex777BFR
  12. for i = 1, 30 do local bu = _G['TrinketMenu_Menu'..i] modSkin(bu, 18) modSkinPadding(bu, 3) modSkinColor(bu, .2, .2, .2) end add tis code under line 14
  13. Renew

    Timer for some mage spells

    Fire blast doesnt have any dots? what timer do you want to display? blink is not a debuff? what do you want to see? the cooldown of your enemy? DebuffTimers and ccwatch both show you Frost Nova and what does it have to do with combat or non combat? Oo
  14. so youre useing modui or not? if you use it its simple to do this ofc
  15. as i said, you have to add new(black) borders, that exactly what modui does in the method "modSkin" https://github.com/obble/modui/blob/5b8d7cf95800f85641ac1740d9115cde0583a7e3/skin/method/method.lua#L176 its not that trivial, i dont have time to add this atm, sorry