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  1. Appletini

    <Intoxicated> NA Ally

    bumping an epic recruitment thread, we are always looking for ppl who know how to have some fun :)
  2. Appletini

    Herb respawn bugged?

    bumping, plaguebloom is currently 50g a stack and you can spend hours herbing to get next to nothing :(
  3. I'm female, a bit older than the average age and married. here's my perspective So: I have often noticed that men in-game often think that they can recognize women in-game by their behavior and way of talking, or their class choice. For example, women are said to play more supportive roles/healing characters while men play aggressive roles. I think I'm pretty feminine and on another vanilla server i leveled a mage to 60 in a guild and did all the leveling dungeons with them and they didn't find out i was female until i finally spoke on vent at lvl 60. So no they can't tell, i kind of tried to hide it but not really. Once they find out their perception totally changes. * If you would create a healing character, would you rather pick a female instead of a male and why? I just always make females because they look much nicer. It's not really possible in wow but i try to make them look like me, so i choose human female when possible. * Does your behavior or way of talking change when you play a female character? Even if this is just a slight change. I don't see any difference in behavior but I think the class/spec has an effect more than the sex. * Do you have a certain view on how women in-game behave differently compared to men? How? Given i don't hear them talk or spot a voice changer, I can probably pick out a woman after enough interaction, i can pick out a guy pretending to be a girl more easily. All the women i have played wow with have been different and none really a stereotype, I've played wow for 10 years, never seen a guild destroyed by a woman but seen plenty of guilds destroyed by men. Really i think guilds just get destroyed by circumstances and people with different opinions, happens with both male and females. * When interacting with a female in game, does your behavior towards that player change in comparison to playing with another male player? People's attitudes change when they find out you are female, I feel that their expectations are immediately lowered and anything you do that was ok, is amazing. So yes there is sexism but there are also benefits, I'm more sensitive and i think people have been more careful with what they say to me, so feel like the good and the bad usually even out. I think both women and men are able to accept stereotypical male behaviour because there are more guys playing and this is the culture. I believe i should be able to be a female steroetype or drama queen attention whore if i feel like it too. Everyone should get to relax and have some fun and be themselves, i find that being female means it's sometimes hard for me to do this. But i try :)
  4. Appletini

    Does anyone know which Resto Spec "Oyoyo" went in his old videos?

    he seems to use his zandalarian hero charm, maybe that is why. Hmm the hero charm doesn't seems to work with regrowth :(
  5. Appletini

    Spellpower coefficient fix (RIP rank 3 HT)

    you're a shadow priest? i guess you need an innervate all the time so you can beat the tank. I'm so triggered by this "innervate the priests" bs.... some-one show this guy back to the priest forums
  6. Appletini

    Fire Ress and Nature Ress Gear for Feral (Tank) Druid ?

    are you rerolling a druid @killerduki
  7. Appletini

    Spellpower coefficient fix (RIP rank 3 HT)

    Today I tried rejuv and swiftmend with 8/8 t2 with the new spell book for rejuv. It ticks 5 times with that. In heavy raid damage fights I think this could be good and then I can just put on +healing gear if Its a fight where you have to heal a tank or it's more single healing. Also agree that 8/8 looks great and I like running past all the ppl ressing and running out of mana while innervating myself :D lol, actually... I haven't had to innervate myself for quite a while. With flasks becoming cheaper using some mana hungry spells can make things more interesting and creative for Druids. In retail I used a flask every raid for mc, bwl and AQ. Thank god the herb situation has improved, maybe flasks if the answer to these pathetic nerfs they made.
  8. Appletini

    Spellpower coefficient fix (RIP rank 3 HT)

    I was looking through the AQ40 raids and it was a little depressing seeing the druids at the bottom. I have to say it made my day to see the scuba cops raid, I knew someone would work out what to do. I think a gnarly druid also did well. I think because it was the first week a lot of guilds were playing it safe. But I am still pissed off about the changes they made to our spells :(
  9. Appletini

    Spellpower coefficient fix (RIP rank 3 HT)

    I noticed regrowth was calculated incorrectly. Hope that is fixed soon. What a great idea to do such a destructive thing to the the healers at the bottom of the meters. I feel sorry for the people doing 5 mans. Seems like ht4 has a 25% reduction. It will be interesting to see the effects in my next raid.
  10. Appletini

    A Better Ingredient ?

    Yeah I can't remember what patch the Druid quest reward came in but it's not his one or the next one. It's a shame cause the reward would be great for newly leveled Druid.
  11. Appletini

    Absolute Maximum Healing Output Talent Spec?

    Your spec is fine if you are going for maximum healing output. If your boss fights last longer you can just mix it up with some ht4 to make your mana last. In a case where there is plenty of people to heal in the raid this spec will always out heal the other specs, even if you play it a bit more conservatively. If you are tank heals you could try swiftmend because this spec is a waste if you aren't on the raid. In my tests even a conservatively played Ng will out heal an aggressively played swiftmend, but of course every thing depends on the circumstances of the particular boss. Another thing you could do is take a point out of gift of nature and get natures swiftness, then macro that with a heal to get an extra insta heal for emergencies. You can vary your mana usage with nature grace by mixing it up with ht4 etc so you could play this spec in a variety of ways. I found this spec became useless once there was no one to heal, so better in progression content than when things are on farm.
  12. Appletini


    Hi NOPE, I'm sorry to see you go. If you don't need your flasks and black lotus anymore could i have some?
  13. Doxxing ppl is low and i hope Alex does the right thing and goes to Kronos.
  14. Appletini

    Anathema Premades Problem

    If you really like playing bgs retail is the place to be. This was one of the things in vanilla that needed fixing.
  15. Appletini

    are you BOR'd?

    How about some walrus pics while we wait?