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  1. Marks not expiring was a non-blizzlike bug. Imo it is now blizzlike, kudos to elysium for finally fixing it.
  2. prsina


    The biggest problem is dodging, premades dodge other premades to farm pugs. Implement deserter upon not joining que/dropping que and problem solved. Yes they can still log spy accounts but they are risking bans as it is against ToS.
  3. Turkish troll 0/10 Quote from reddit about Rusfriend: I think you're the shaman that took BWL loot from our guild <Murloc Holmes> the day you joined then quit right afterwards. Then you started trolling us in our healer channel during a raid. Not sure about these allegations about this shaman you're talking about, but I certainly wouldn't be quick to trust the words of someone like you.
  4. Well, have fun server dying past AQ release because ppl will just resort to raidlogging.
  5. You realize the weapons are already updated and are in their final version with the BWL patch right?
  6. You do realize the original statement was AQ right?
  7. I do not consider chinese premades as premades, tradechat mades are better than any of the current chinese prems.
  8. And how do you know this? This week I've played some solo q games and some full 10 man prems as a filler when they needed ppl. Premades are far less likely to give up and bend.
  9. There has been a similar reddit thread going on with a user even making the poll to see the community input. The results are avaliable here: http://www.strawpoll.me/13893603/r So after almost 2k votes we see the distribution. Listen to the community, if it's like 80% of the playerbase requesting for the pvp system change, sure, do it. This poll however only confirms my assumptions which is that most people disagree with the change. Before trying to change the queue system please fix: 1. Account sharing-monitor accounts online for 72+ hours in a row, there are tens of them every week. 2. Fix the BG mark not expiring bug, allowing for absurd ammount of greater honor turn ins per week due to mark stacking abuse 3. Fix the herb spawn timers 4. Update the PvP gear according to Nostalrius' recipe, it had no PvE impact whatsoever but it made ranking and PvPing more attractive to people 5. Fix the problem of Anti-AFK scripters and hackers, fix the terrain exploits allowing people to farm for example Drakki behind the wall In the end, I would like to mention one thing: The premades are not a problem. I've been solo queing WSG all weekend long and people that QQ 99% of our games are prems zomg are CLUELESS. Seeing a 2-3-4 man random china r10 stack and people automatically quit. Most of the prems are shitmades and winnable even with a full pug if people try. I've played in a PuG that dismantled Sleepzhen, Sarahly and the rest of that backpeddling mouthbreathing keyboardturning made in 15 minutes even with 1 rogue afking in gy for the duration of the game. It literally takes you 5-6 games to meet a solid premade. I reckon if any1 made their own group of people on discord who have a slightest clue about the game and who used consumables when necessary you would win 80-90% of the games vs current ally scene. GRIZZLY made or ex-ranker premade would give you a run for your money but that's about it. UPDATE: ally premades seem to be capped other than china shitmades, meaning it's pug vs pug for 3days.
  10. Thank you for the quote, well put by Nano himself.
  11. When did I say I ever played only the first fight? The premade I played with never dodged or bent, you can ask Gropy how many times we had 50 minutes wsg. You are putting words in my mouth and implying premades bend and dodge, which most of them don't.
  12. prsina

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    There is no hole in the boat, you are supposed to be rewarded for tryharding and putting in effort. You hate premades? Make your own premade and stomp them. When a dominant premade stomps other premades they always disband or they que in smaller groups to dodge. Let's ban guild, I don't like Progress nerds clearing MC in 25 minutes while we need 6 hours. Make raids only 2 ppl from each guild and fill the rest with pugs.
  13. Have you ever played in a horde premade? There are no empty BGs, and over 70% of the games are vs ally premade? PvP isn't supposed to be about r14 gear? Then what is it supposed to be about, why do you feel entitled to tell me or anyone else why we should pvp? If you cba to form your own group if you are struggling then you deserve to get farmed. This is not a welfare fund, you need to earn your ranks. Progress dominates PvE, do you want to farm Progress because they are dominating PvE? The project has been in decline because of all the drama, not because of PvP. Nostalrius's PvP scene was in 10x healthier state than on this god forsaken server, and you had twice more the premades running at its peak.
  14. prsina

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    Why don't you make your own group of people to play with?