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  1. Banezilla

    Another AV lose fest

    During retail before anyone knew about the backdoor, that bridge was a nightmare. I've seen a few backdoor attempts foiled by a few defenders, just use your brain.
  2. Banezilla

    Queue at 9k

    Why would any one want to roll in the smaller server? Full epics? Get real.
  3. Banezilla

    Lower the server's player limit

    We're talking about a population cap not a transfer. Try to stay on topic.
  4. This seems to be the case since they addressed the ZK issue so fast right? Scream until you get your way.
  5. Was there a barber in vanilla? There's your answer.
  6. We need more Elysium/Anathema transfer threads. Nothing new is being suggested here.
  7. Only a one way transfer? What kind of suggestion is that. Next thread please.
  8. The only part of the low view distance that bothered me was how it made mind vision useless in WSG and AB.
  9. Banezilla

    Anathema LFG

    That's your choice, play a MMO solo if you want. There's plenty of people to play with on Elysium at all levels, its easy to find groups for the elite quests too.
  10. Nost supported 11k with minor lag. Were they just using better hardware or code?
  11. Banezilla

    Herb spawn rate.

    We need faster respawns.
  12. Log into the elysium discord if you want the latest info.