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  1. taladril

    F R E S H

    perfect representation of the FRESH server base right here guys.
  2. You raiding naxx or just parroting retail memes?
  3. taladril

    Can we prevail?

    perhaps if elysium owns up to the fact that the spirit of the true server is firmly in the hands of lights hope with commitment to not make a profit and to try to stop corruption. the only fragmenting is happening is here where you guys try to keep milking the cash cow instead of owning up to the corruption and ending it with some small shred of dignity. No? Ah well I tried.
  4. We actually have the tightest community, between us and the PVE server it's quite nice, thanks. What I don't need is to hit the reset button on my character every year for the lolz or because I don't know how to invest in something. Maybe you should try actually going the distance - cause late game is where the real fun is. I can understand though just casually going through MC and BWL and feeling the mind numbing rush of being server never first anything but hoping for it just the next time. Sheer exhilaration!
  5. Fresh server idiots deserve what they get if they come here and I'm glad I won't have to deal with them. I'm out getting naxx loot right now. Enjoy the grind to 60 and lame mc epics.
  6. taladril

    Druid Leveling

    When leveling you probably have barely one full finishing move before the mob is dead. That's a lot of detail for something that wouldn't ever be used, except maybe dungeon bosses.
  7. taladril

    Cat/caster hybrid DPS

    The goal should be to maximize tank time. Feral dps is decent at MC level, good at BWL level, okay at AQ level, and bad at Naxx level. Tanking will always be useful if you can find a place and get the odd assortment of gear you need to make it work.
  8. Taladril can craft all Naxx pattern gear. Find me in game or message me and we can work on getting you ready for Saph. Thanks!
  9. taladril

    Healing Spell Calculator

    It still doesn't make sense. You input your crit but you also have a checkbox for Improved regrowth. Improved regrowth when fully specced into it adds 50% crit. So if it's auto set to 15% and you check or uncheck the box the crit section of the spell doesn't change hardly at all. Is it adding 50% crit or not? If it is then the crit amount should be much larger. If it isn't then why is it changing at all when I uncheck it if I have to manually tack on 50% to my crit presumption? Am I missing something entirely?
  10. taladril

    Healing Spell Calculator

    Very cool. I'm not sure that Regrowth is working correctly though since the Imp Regrowth should add 50% crit just off the bat and it's not changing crit a large amount at all.
  11. taladril

    Anathema Updates 20/09/2017

    Thanks. Gotta go to my guild and give them all a big -1. Been asking for two weeks straight and it's already in? Wow wow.
  12. taladril

    Anathema Updates 20/09/2017

    Did Savage Guard get added then too or is that still forgotten? Looks like all the other 1.11 things are in.
  13. taladril

    Bear tank: 100 HP or 1% dodge?

    the real option is either 1% dodge or zg enchant. 10 stam >>> 100 health. But for general I choose dodge because it always scales. Health is good for heavy mitigation fights like broodlord where a bigger health pool really helps. Apart from that it's only slacking heals that'll kill you.
  14. taladril

    Is there anything Elysium can do?

    If they made it where there would be a tbc server but the only way into that tbc server would be after a certain time of naxx content being released it would probably be a good boost to anathema. The way it would work is that servers that are vanilla would stay vanilla. Say a few months after naxx release a one time copy of all characters would be made and ported to the new tbc server. Elysium not being of the naxx level would be unable to have characters ported. It still might have a problem where people who want to roll fresh on tbc would simply just join that and anathema pop could be monitored to see how it works. Other things that could be done is that only certain level characters could be ported to tbc in a one time thing so in general anathema could be the "leveling" type server while naxx is still out so people who want to do some vanilla raids could and after a point get their one time transfer to tbc when done. This way the vanilla servers wouldn't turn into permanent ghost towns once tbc has been released.
  15. Guess he had a temper tantrum on the CF forums and deleted the post. People invest wayyyyy too much into their own personal private server savior sometimes.