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  1. I've actually seen that before and for the amount of work that appears to go in, the changes seem quite subtle. Do you know if there is anything pertaining to draw/render specifically? EDIT: Upon second glance, can one simply copy and paste everything at once? Wait... I don't think we can alter game files like this for risk of ban.
  2. Is there a way to do it? I don't know all of the technical differences when it comes to draw distance/render distance. What I'm looking for (in layman's terms) is to have the game render mountains/trees/hell anything further out. I hope this makes sense. So for instance, you will see what should be a mountain etc that shows up with a "fog of war" effect.. is there a way to enhance this?
  3. meddlingmage

    Definitive Warlock Guide

    Sorry for the delay, could you ELI5 drain tanking?
  4. meddlingmage

    Questions on Tailoring

    I'm going to be rolling on the servers here soon, and will be the first to admit I'm at a complete loss of knowledge when it comes to professions. I am planning on utilizing the tailoring profession, along with first aid (these compete though don't they)? I will be an undead warlock. So my first question, if FA and tailoring compete should I focus on one more so than the other? For instance, FA seems nice in terms of limiting my downtime for obvious reasons (I can make my own "health potions") but I also don't want to fall behind in terms of tailoring. Second question, does tailoring make any money? If so, how and when does it generate income? For instance when I think of tailoring (again, very limited knowledge on the topic) I automatically think of bags that sell on the AH. Is this realistic? When would I be able to start making viable bags? What about bags I can actually use for myself while leveling? Third question, along with tailoring would it be smart to get a gathering (skinning) profession? I don't see myself as an enchanter and honestly have no desire for it. Fourth (sorry) question. Any go to guides people use? Thank you so much in advance.
  5. meddlingmage

    Gold Farming Etc

    What exactly was the very strict automated scanner? Even so I've seen plenty of complaints about the gold farmers in Nost...?
  6. meddlingmage

    Gold Farming Etc

    I agree but... everyone is making it sound so easy yet from posts I read on here and various other sites the player base is pissed because it was such an issue last time. As in if its so easy why is it always such a problem? While I get your query idea its also super generic and would even then cost a lot of man hours to find out who is really a farmer. I mean what are they basing it off of? A better place to start would be looking in global chat and see who spams, look into that account and if the findings are there perma-ban. But even then, these clowns work 12hrs a day times however many employees and will just make a new char. I'm sure they are very smart (transferring gold to an unknown mule every 100 gold or whatever so that if they DO get banned they only lose <100g etc). I mean there is no solution but it seems like its going to be quite the nuisance.
  7. meddlingmage

    Definitive Warlock Guide

    You seem to really know you're stuff, being that I'll be a first time Warlock and vanilla player I'd really like more of your insight. Do you base your build/leveling off a guide or what? Have you actually used this addon? How exactly does it work. I'm unable to look it up (gaming related) while at work.
  8. meddlingmage

    [Addon] Questie ~ A Vanilla Quest Helper

    Is one able to resize the quest tracker arrow? I can only figure out how to configure it on/off and move it.
  9. meddlingmage

    Gold Farming Etc

    Well yeah I know what their intentions are, so why wouldn't there be IP bans if found guilty (if you know) also how would the server ban buyers/how would they even know? Wouldn't a deal be made third party obviously? How would it be trackable?
  10. meddlingmage

    Gold Farming Etc

    There is confirmation that there will be no IP ban you say? Why would that be...
  11. meddlingmage

    Gold Farming Etc

    I know there has been quite an uproar lately about the "Chinese gold farmers" etc and people distaste for them. I was never a part of the original Nost so I'm not able to understand how much/if they flooded chat channels etc. My question is, was it really that much of a problem? Were you actually able to purchase gold from these individuals? How does that even work? I'm really hoping it isn't a major nuisance with the new server/re-launch.
  12. What I mean by that is the Joanas World vanilla leveling guide is pretty standard as far as your go to leveling guide. Its widely respected/accurate (as far as I can tell). Is there anything similar in regards to specific crafting guides? Step by step for those that are new?
  13. meddlingmage

    Rough time played estimates

    Are you talking about Elysium PvP? You hope to play on it in 2 weeks? That simply won't happen...
  14. meddlingmage

    The insanity of leveling on fresh

    Hmmm I think it will be more than a few days to be honest.