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  1. always active chat and you can find lots of pugs, no idea about the qtime for alliance though
  2. maybe the twitching player is lagging?
  3. Syff

    Looking for H leveling guild

    What realm will you be rolling on? If you plan on rolling on Darrowshire (PVE) I can send you an invite
  4. Syff

    Name Randomly changed.

    How come you got a name change?
  5. Syff

    Name Randomly changed.

    your warlock, as in the character you are playing on? Having your name changed is impossible, you must be talking about your pet.
  6. Syff

    All Quest Gone

    now you are just acting stupid
  7. Syff

    Seems like a lot of people

    It's definitly doable. Pick up crafting professions after 40.
  8. I ran into the same problems when I was leveling my warlock
  9. what the fuck is this thread on?
  10. no it's fine, I never have problems finding groups (as a warlock)
  11. Syff

    Leveling is impossible

    Then why the hell didn't you roll on Darrowshire?
  12. Syff

    Lvl 1 banker

    boohoo, just level it to level 10. You only have to do it one time right?
  13. Syff


    Roll on Darrowshire? It's nice and cosy here