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  1. Title. Haven't gotten to raid on Ely yet, decent prebis LF a loose spot (I work mornings, days or nights on West coast USA) Just hoping I can find a spot that can easily be filled if I can't show up (can give a few day's notice), but I would really like to raid
  2. Hello, this man has been spreading hundreds of posts of garbage around your forums
  3. don't spam filter party, raid, guild and private chat channels! +1
  4. riplip

    Too Many Vanilla Veterans!

    This has happened to every game I can think of. Especially when they get to be 10+ years old, the playerbase will dwindle and all that is left are regulars, or veterans. Super Smash Bros Melee, Quake Live, CS Source, tons of old games have very few newcomers and mostly just veterans, and oldschool WoW is getting to that point, even with these fresh private servers. There's no more balancing going on, no more additional patches, and so the regulars are exploiting every shortcut imaginable. It goes from the volatile stage of wonder, mystery and exploration, to the advanced stage of theorycrafting, min-maxing and strategizing. When there's nothing else to learn, yet you still find the game fun, what else would you do? it's just how we work. There's plenty who don't fit this mold, and that's fine. You might be better off finding a new game to play, unless you can ignore all that.
  5. riplip

    Target dummy

    huge flaw in your argument, most of these addons existed and were used frequently in vanilla. I would consider them blizzlike and true vanilla. And what is with that last statement? Only person I see QQ'ing at this moment is you, and if you are trying to use a player you met earlier as an example, you probably pissed him off with all your misinformed, elitist fallacies of "I'm right YOU'RE wrong no matter what!"
  6. look at your run-on sentences, your grammar, your sentence structures, and the way you are filling up the forums with these reaching posts. And you of all peeps feel like you're talking to a 9 y/o boy when the guy is devoting his free time to maintain a server which they also pay for in both volunteer work and money? Jesus. anyways, the faction split is more like 50/50 on this server. there's a fight on every corner, but if you don't like that, we have blizzlike pop servers called Anathema and Darrowshire. You only seem to be half-aware of this, as you acknowledge them and play on one but don't realize the implications. Regards to your "merge ely to Anathema" statement - Progression is a huge roadblock here. Ely is still in BWL while Ana is in Naxx. And they won't let the playerbase of these servers die out. Example - During Ely's vanilla launch, there was about 20 posts per day and scores of requests in Discord to create a new vanilla server. They ended up answering those request, bought new hardware and conceived Zeth'kur. tl;dr the server ended up dipping below 1k pop after the post-launch hype while Elysium was sitting at 10k, then ended up merging with Elysium, Darrow and Ana, as per requests (again). If Darrowshire or Anathema die, and they end up being at same progression as Elysium, I highly doubt they will just let that slide. They will probably merge the servers or funnel them all into TBC. it's okay to have opinions, it is. But this jumble of statements and opinions smells and looks like crap, you are trying WAY too hard. First of all, what exactly needs to be "done"? They are constantly working on the server and trying to improve the experience for everybody. They are even buying new server hardware for Elysium and at the same time keeping eyes out for gamebreaking exploits on all three servers and coding lots of bugfixes, all with a volunteer team. Anyways, put more thought into your writing, and I suggest you play on the network for a bit before you form a solid opinion (hint - get some experience) which people can take seriously.
  7. it's something personal between him and the old CM
  8. riplip

    Green Whelp Armor abusing.

    hello, let's bitch about the RPG elements which made vanilla good and could have made the entire game better if improved upon. Let's bitch about all the things that make this game unlike retail, and then what will we have?
  9. So I read about how you guys are aiming to buy new hardware for the TBC server. How many players are you aiming to have on at one time, and if I rolled a fresh char (theoretically) would there be a lot of new players? TBC Warrior's talents look like a lot of fun and I would like to see how it is to roll a fresh one as compared to vanilla.
  10. riplip


    So, when is this getting implemented on Ely?
  11. Yes dude! make it so you need 3 bwl geared people to beat an HK farming mage who can one shot several before he dies! sounds fun
  12. You mad that all your gold selling alts are being banned, and the gold with it? /Kind regards Riplip
  13. riplip


    Implement on Ely too please