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  1. bunbuns

    Quotes by Killerduki

    Thanks for the Thunderfury suckas! /Kind regards Killerduki
  2. He has two posts, you can answer now
  3. Lol what are you talking about? How did you reach the conclusion that AQ40 is easier or equal to MC/BWL?
  4. bunbuns

    Development Update 05.04.2017

    Great updates! Also, that harpy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. You can't really. Take note of the players, avoid/ignore them, and move on
  6. bunbuns

    People still play here?

    Despite all the BS, it's better than the alternatives.
  7. bunbuns

    FPS 64 locked DEV HELP

    My game usually locks at 101 if I don't have something running in the background (normally teamspeak). No idea why this works, but maybe it will help. Some commands in this thread may be useful as well: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/24997-console-finetune-graphical-quality-and-smoothness/
  8. Sadly it's not possible anymore. The transfer service was shut down quite awhile ago. As to why this happened, there are many theories floating about out there, but the most likely one in my opinion is that Blizzard went after them again.
  9. bunbuns

    Voting System

    Some, but not as many as you. It doesn't really matter though, because number of bug reports made doesn't change the fact that the majority of your posts only exist to derail, distract and otherwise annoy everyone.
  10. bunbuns

    Voting System

    By all means continue to make an ass of yourself. Whether the voting system remains in place or not, everyone already knows that with every post you and duki make, this board gets a little shittier.
  11. bunbuns

    The War Effort Continues!

    War effort requirements too high, server bleeding players and guilds, please advise.
  12. bunbuns

    Voting System

    Why does it not surprise me that the two kings of shitposting want the voting system gone? Maybe if you'd stop with injecting your whole b-but paladins routine into every single thread, people wouldn't deride you and you'd have a few more of those oh-so-important internet points.
  13. bunbuns

    Recent Issues & Future Plans

    Appreciate the update, but I hope you will make an announcement regarding the AQ war effort materials requirements soon. Wanting to make the war effort more challenging than something we could just blow through in a week is reasonable, but as it stands, the requirements are simply too high, as mentioned by many others. You stated earlier that you wanted to recreate that sense of urgency and excitement that original war effort had, but by inflating the turn in requirements to such an extreme degree, you have instead demoralized the Anathema population and have left many contemplating whether or not its even worth continuing on the server. At the current rate, the war effort will take far, far longer than the 3-4 weeks you were shooting for, and the prospect of having no new content on the horizon for many months is causing the server to lose players and guilds. It has been announced that the war effort requirements were being reevaluated, but some specifics are really needed at this time, especially in light of all the other things that have been going on with the server that have been turning people off of it.