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  1. slippery

    How bad is the lag?

    more like 110 from east coast
  2. slippery

    ability dependent on stance

    put your stances on your main action bar that switches when you change stance
  3. slippery

    Remember the classics

    when will the dickriding end
  4. slippery

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    1.02 scale default texture changing width does nothing, moving by 1px does nothing fresh dl, but why does your background texture have a tiny shadow but mine doesnt?
  5. slippery

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    atleast u know ur place noobs
  6. slippery

    Leveling with a Pocket Healer.

    well i mean u got 3/3 imp tclap u got 3/3 imp hs u got 2/2 imp charge you're sword spec at level 40 LOL i cant imagine what ur lvl 60 spec would look like rofl
  7. slippery

    All want to play on fresh

    you realize the "elysium pvp" section of the guild forums has all the guilds from the old elysium realm in there aswell??
  8. slippery

    Ithlien - First video and stream

    this is one of the most embarrassing things i've seen on the internet stop
  9. slippery

    Ithlien - First video and stream

    really trying to dick ride that "fame" into the sunset huh
  10. slippery

    hit rating

    vael tank needs 5%+ rest idk
  11. Wielding Grand Marshal 1handers you have to fight the boss for 98.1 seconds after your fist swing(or 46 swings total without any interruptions) before you get a guaranteed extra swing. The only fights that last longer than 98.1 seconds MIGHT be Ragnaros, Chromagus and Nefarian. All three fights have a mechanic in the fight that resets your swing timer, making their length completely irrelevant. You have such a tiny window prior to 98.1 seconds into the fight where you can gain an extra swing over a strength enchanted warrior, but only if the boss dies in that exact window where you've gained your swing before the other warriors swing again. I'll take 57AP permanently over a miniscule chance to gain what could end up being 0(even if you get lucky enough to have your swing over the strength enchanted warriors, your attack can dodge or miss or glance for ~300 dmg) damage ROFL That's not even counting that it has ZERO effect on trash. [email protected]@
  12. slippery

    hello friends

    how does it taste?