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  1. I'll suppose that I hit a nerve since my reddit post on the subject was removed. I'll assume that the same will happen shortly here!
  2. So just wondering? Why is it a thing that community manager's silence chat in discord until "certain actions are taken to bolster a specific guild's stream viewership"? Today while servers we're down, ! Ash muted general chat in discord until a certain number of people watched a video that is completely irrelevant to anything within the scope of running / managing the Elysium server or project. I can see silencing a chat channel for certain reasons, but doing it to get chat members to watch a specific stream is stupid. Why are these people allowed to continually abuse their power in Discord and god knows where else?
  3. So after 4 hours, Horde on Elysium aren't que'ing for Alterac Valley. Only took us getting 30 straight wins at 15 minutes each... LOL Come on you scrubs, queue up and give us our reputation!
  4. http://www.twitch.tv/emptora
  5. Where did Pottu go? Was it voluntary? What happened? If this has been addressed already, please link and accept my apologies Robert Redford.
  6. Solution: Add player to ignore list.
  7. Dumb. Quit crying... level... play the game. Stop being hurt that people are a couple steps ahead of you.
  8. Emptora

    Account closed

    Yeah, make a new account and restart.
  9. Emptora

    increase xp rate pls

    No. Go to retail if you can't level.
  10. Emptora

    The Zeth'Kur problem

    No... You chose to go, now stay.
  11. Emptora

    Azuregos Randomly Resetting

    But really, this patch is like the previous release on Elysium, several unexplained bugs, no fixes, and other things are just rushed and pushed over it. Example: Warlock T2 Helm; 2 months of bug-reporting by multiple people, no fix.
  12. Emptora

    Azuregos Randomly Resetting

    OK so hes unlike literally every other mob in the game? Do you have a source for this?
  13. I want to see which server folds first: Anathema or ZK
  14. Right. And now you're the guy without a legitimate response.