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  1. My new char is level 39 now and i wanted to turn in marks at Sergeant Maclear in Refuge Pointe for 75 reputation but she is not offering me the quest. My main char at 60 is able to do it. Is there a level restriction or is anyone under level 40 able to turn in marks there? Prequests neccessary?
  2. Lade die den englischen client und wirf den deutschen runter. Ich sehe keine andere Möglichkeit.
  3. Zappa

    Stop experience command?

    So all my twinks are ass characters? Really? Okay i start leveling up immediately...^^
  4. I can only speak for alliance side but the lag/delay occurring in battlegrounds resulting in not being able to hit anything as a melee fighter is really really frustrating atm. Players teleport around and you get hit by someone that seems a mile away. Do you horde guys experience the same?
  5. Zappa

    20-29 Thread

    Dear Uncle, what can i say ... the only thing that kept me active here was reading your words of wisdom. So glad that the dwarven beer did not ruin your brain. :) Did you slay Rayaleith?
  6. Zappa

    20-29 Thread

    Come play on Elysium now. We are having such a good time...till Bounga logs on. :)
  7. Zappa

    How to save Anathema

    I can feel you bro BUT... i said ALLOW character transfers and your AQ gear could be frozen till patch comes out. No big deal. So you could decide: 1. Stay on Anathema and enjoy your raids on an empty server 2. Play with your BWL gear on a populated server
  8. Zappa

    How to save Anathema

    It´s not about gear. These are just purple pixels. Those make people happy for a short amount of time. What people do need is interaction and having fun together on a well populated server. Nothing else matters. At the moment Anathema is a wealthy but lonely grandmother in an epic retirement home. Allow character transfers to Elysium for god´s sake!
  9. Zappa

    Client auf Deutsch umstellen

    Ich würde es dir nicht empfehlen. Das bringt gravierende Nachteile mit sich: - alles was die verlinkst und postest erscheint auf deutsch im Chat - du kennst die englischen Bezeichnungen für Skills und Abilities nicht - du verbesserst dein Englisch nicht Ich könnte noch 1000 Sachen aufzählen...Bleib einfach beim englischen Client. :)
  10. But it makes you stronger. :)
  11. Zappa

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    - Enable multi-queue again - Implement BG-Announcer - Make BGs from 10-59 more attractive with rep/honor increase, remote registration and xpstop - Implement PvP world events with special rewards
  12. Just hit 48 on Elysium and yes it´s very frustrating sometimes but believe me: Don´t go to Anathema unless you want nothing else but endgame raiding.
  13. Zappa

    20-29 Thread

    Fully signed and btw Warmane is a fuckin joke. Pay 10 Euro or stay in queue till christmas. No way!
  14. Zappa

    20-29 Thread

    Estimated time 200 minutes then disconnect... Yes maybe but only maybe tomorrow...
  15. Zappa

    Warlock or Mage in PVP?

    Dot and run. Seriously there is no better class when it comes to pvp.