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  1. Can we have an update on this subject? These world buffs have been disabled for long enough, it would be great to see them back available at all times. Or at the very least, confirm they will be disabled forever in Naxxramas so those few who want them can just deal with it quietly.
  2. Keala

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    You sure are stubborn as hell about this argument, aren't you? It's not up to us to decide the minimum amount needed to run a PvE Server, we will all have diferent opinions on these numbers. Just imagine I say at least 2000 players online at all times, while you say 1000 and another random says 3000. Who's right then? What did you achieve by getting the numbers out of their mouth then? It's up to the Elysium Staff to decide whether or not Darrowshire is worth keeping, by checking the costs and the amount of players interested in playing. Stop asking for numbers. As for my opinion, I say just merge Darrowshire with the other 2. Don't waste money.
  3. Keala

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    It's pointless talking about whether or not it would be good or bad. The merge is actually happening at some point (doesn't matter when), so there isn't much left to say.
  4. That's great, looking forward to that.
  5. Does this mean you're going to speed up Elysium content release in order to have all 3 current realms at the same patch as soon as possible and then release a single TBC server where you can tranfser from all 3 realms? Well, I guess this confirms Anathema has to wait for Elysium now.
  6. When you make such statements, you need proof to back up your words. I'd be the first to be happy if what you said was true, but I find it really hard to believe it unless you show me some sort of official statement that confirms it.
  7. Keala

    question about the future TBC

    Exactly. I've seen a very good amount of people stating that "it's for the greater good, we need to wait in order to fix the problems!". The truth is, I seriously don't think they realize what are the consequences of taking that path. TBC doesn't follow right after Naxxramas is released, which means this server would release either at the very end for 2018, or early in 2019. Is it the best option in order to fix the different timeline problem? Probably. Is it a reasonable path to take? Hell no, I don't even know if I'll still remember about the Elysium project by that point.
  8. Keala

    question about the future TBC

    There's too many things we don't know, most of them already mentioned by you. The staff should definitely say something about it sooner rather than later cause no one has no idea how it will turn out. Even though they said all of that, nothing is still set in stone. That's just their original plan, which is still subject to changes. I really doubt that Elysium will follow right after Anathema, simply because the only time for them to have TBC is when they get their own Naxxramas patch, which is scheduled to be released around September 2018. It doesn't make sense to let them transfer to their own TBC server before completing vanilla. And that's why they might change their mind and just make Anathema wait for Elysium to catch up, then release a TBC server where everyone gets to transfer. Personally, that is such a bad outcome for Anathema players because they'd have to wait till 2019, I doubt they will farm Naxxramas and wait patiently for so much time.
  9. Keala

    question about the future TBC

    Quote from the original post in the announcement sections. Can you explain to me again how did they not say "Anathema first"? Thank you.
  10. What does that have to do with the fact that they were joking? They were playing with you because of your choice of words in your title. Anyone with even just a tiny bit sense of humour would have understood that. The first time I read this post I was like "oh look, they're playing with him, kek", and then I saw you raging all over cause they called you weirdo. Did that seriously hurt your feelings for making you react like this?
  11. Keala

    Copying Bank toons and low levels.

    My respect, just take it. It's yours.
  12. First of all, @Forest_ was obviously joking cause of the title. He was just being sarcastic since it's commong knowledge that most people are excited for TBC. I'm fairly sure it's the same story for @FEYAARES. Either way, it's still wrong to just go full retard and be rude to others cause they "provoked" you (and what they said is hardly provoking). Not to mention that you've been rude to @Ickus too, who has not been sarcastic like the other two and gave you a totally legittimate answer. Why would you go so far for nothing?
  13. By @FEYAARES. By you. By @Ickus By you. Please explain in detail how they provoked you first when they both only replied normally to your post, sharing their opinion on the subject until YOU started being rude.
  14. Keala

    question about the future TBC

    None of the current servers will become a TBC server. Instead, when the time is right, they will release a new TBC server and allow people to transfer there with their characters from Anathema (and eventually Elysium probably, but Anathema will probably be first). That's the plan for now, but nothing is set in stone and is subject to changes.
  15. You're saying that you only asked one thing and a bunch of nerds attacked you because of it, but the truth is that you actually provoked them first, telling them they have no idea what they are talking about and that they know less than you, or even by saying rude things like "why are you respected when you speak so much 'poo'". After all that, you come back saying they attacked you just for asking if they were excited about TBC or not?