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  1. I started raidlogging once i had 2 characters in pre-raid gear and nothing else to do. It reminded me of how I made so many characters back in the day across multiple servers, yet still felt like I had a "Main" and "Main Alt" all through Vanilla and into TBC. Then the Summer arrived and work takes me away from video games for months-on-end. Many people also are not too keen to sit inside sweating on a computer during the summer months and prefer spending their idleness outdoors. I enjoy being idle in the colder months and be outside and active in the warmer ones.
  2. Kargath. Engineer teleport sorts out my Kalimdor needs. Even on my mage it's Kargath since so many dungeons/raids are there, might as well.
  3. My first thought was to put Maladath MH but I noticed that the Brutality Blade actually has slightly higher top-end and is slower. So I would think to put the Slower, more top-end (and more low-end) in the MH? It causes my Weapon damage on the Character pane go to 320 top-end with Brutality MH, down to just below 300 with Maladath MH. But Maladath has a higher DPS though... so I am slightly split. I'll test it out both ways to test it out over the next days, just wanted to get you guy's input on what way you would go. Thanks!
  4. Xom

    Darrowshire down?

    Yeah man. Literally no one is saying that. You quoted someone saying to have patience, and that no $ obligation in fact means there should be less of a reason to be so uppity. You attempted to put words in someone's mouth and then got upset about that. I bet there are more important things out there for you to concentrate your life's energy into rather than this.
  5. Xom


    Yeah it's been going on for a while now. https://elysiumstatus.com
  6. Xom

    Fire mage in MC/BWL post AQ path

    If you have Curse of Elements up on every mob, and have the AV ring, it's okay. You're not going to be pushing the DPS meters since there are mobs that are straight immune to fire so you'll be casting untalented Frostbolt or on Clearcasting - Arcane Missiles. There will be Mages who stay Frost most of the time too, and if your guild has 2-3 of each spec it can be just fine once you have the 16 debuff slots. It depends on how strict your guild is on min-maxing too. You will be able to do decent damage, especially early on with the imp groups, and dog packs, Fire has the potential to get in the top 5 in the damage in the first part of MC. You will then slowly slip down the meters and even with good gear you will be unable to compete for the top spots just due to most of your spells being partially resisted, or having to cast untalented Frostbolt/AM. I did it back in retail, with the AQ40 spell-pen proc staff and AV ring and it's decent, but you do always feel like you're fighting uphill since you're so dependent on CoE and untalented spells. But yea, as other people have said, once you have the place on Farm then min-maxing isn't going to be required when you'll be alright to keep yourself Fire for the progression raids. Most guilds would rather people to spend their gold on consumables instead of respeccing for farm raids.
  7. Rawsteak was able to craft Lionheart Helm for me, thanks. Now we wait for the Titanic recipe!
  8. I may be mistaken, are these recipes added later? like BWL? or even later? I'm already stockpiling my Wicked Claws and have the Arcanite ready.
  9. Xom

    Lol @ Donaldrump

    When you said "better than mine" in chat it shows that it wasn't a mistake at all. You meant to click Need. It doesn't help Oscillation get the shield whatsoever by you clicking Need. It's BIS for Shaman man, you did a shitty thing. At least you apologized, but you didn't make a mistake by clicking - you ovisouly meant to do that. You made a mistake by outrolling someone for whom the item is supremely useful, as a Warrior. It's a shit shield for a Warrior, even the one from ST is better, or a multitude of others you can get. This is BiS for Shaman until Ragnaros iirc. Anyway, learn from your mistakes. Please be aware of items which are actually really terrible for you. It's a rotten thing to outroll someone for whom the item was extremely useful. Imagine being a Warlock/Mage in UBRS and have a Priest outroll you on a Briarwood Reed. Sure - it's useable for the Priest, but it's miles better for a DPS caster to get that, and only serves to sour others against you in the future if you dig in your heels.
  10. Remember how great the official server forums were, and remain to this day? Oh wait. Nope. Greasy wheels man. Greasy wheels.
  11. First game was the MS DOS game Oil's Well and original Sim City/Sim Earth and the first Civilization. Though since my dad was a computer consultant and bought us the original NES, I lucked out on my upbring; dad would upgrade his computer and allow myself and my brother to use it so long as we learned how to Reformat and Reinstall Windows so we wouldn't be bothering him if we messed up the computer. I always loved playing games once in a while. I had 400 wins in Starcraft and only a few dozen losses. I played Goldeneye 64 obsessively to get all the codes, would play One Shot One Kill against 3 of my friends and win 9-1. And of course Ocarina of Time exploration and Rogue Squadron medals. I was really into games, but I always thought of it as a past-time, like cards or going camping. Once in a while. WoW took some time to really sink in for me, but when it did, it really got me. It was the first game where I could just log-in to a world where there were hundreds of other people running around. In my earlier years I had enjoyed chat rooms, so this was kind of great in that way to meet people. I have also always keenly researched things, I love history and I soon realized this translated really well to researching game mechanics, loot drops, dungeon maps, etc. Lots of things we take for granted now, I remember leveling my 2nd or 3rd alt and people were amazed how much I knew, even though I just felt it was natural. It felt great to be able to enter this world, basically inhabit this virtual world and meet people from all over the place. I really felt a sharp loss when X-server shit began. I held on through TBC, but most of my dearest friends and opponents had been forged in dungeons, or on the battlefield. It was difficult to truly experience WoW with other people when they all became vapor after the BG or dungeon finished. I was done with WoW before Wrath, though I did return for ICC. I bought a three month subscription but I only used a month of it. By then Gearscore and LFD had taken the small fraying bits of yarn and torn the entire thing asunder. Anyway, I just started rambling there, probably would have written a book had I not stopped.
  12. Yeah I took a look at the entire length Tanaris + Feralas the other day and after 2 hours of fishing had seen no schools of fish at all.
  13. This post is alarmist bullshit. Or made by someone unguilded or unable to send messages to strangers. And as others has mentioned - most people are still leveling and those of us who were 60 before the shutdown have little need of dungeons besides gearing our guildmates.
  14. Xom

    Black Lotus

    I liked the way they did it for TBC with Fel Lotus. It would be interesting if they did this with "Black Lotus Zones", where each herb in the higher level zones has a small chance to proc a lotus.
  15. Xom

    Leveling as a fire mage?

    I always go fire. It's wonderful. I played fire back in retail from 1-60 & then with TBC to 70. Only respecced for progression Rag/Nef nights. Since everyone goes Frost, I find most people are super stoked to have a fire mage in their group since it's a novelty and "how refreshing" as some have said.