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  1. The chat throttle really sucks for item distribution in raiding. Our guild uses a DKP addon and if I'm awarding all but a few persons DKP the addon tries to list every person receiving the DKP, followed by a solid 3 minute mute, during which they have to reply to people asking about their DKP. And if I reply fast enough I get muted again. Yes, it can be abused but I think it will be a massive quality-of-life improvement if you can chose which channels it decides to throttle: as mentioned throttling general, trade, lookingforgroup, local defense, battlegrounds, and world would make sense as many people frequently use these. Practically all other channels can be corrected without server interference.
  2. I never said you were trying to get them to join your guild. Simply to leave ours. Second page of posts on here has Rofl's screenshot showing my bid 6 seconds after your bid yet you still keep saying we stole the item from you. We also gave a link to the DKP for people to look at and see that there was no DKP manipulation. There was no ninja-loot occuring on the ring. You keep managing to sidestep this critical part of your original post.
  3. @Haestingas Overall, I don't think bids will be meddled with like they were at that moment. We've seen it can cause too much drama and overall is not worth it, and to my knowledge this was the first time it occurred. We learned our lesson from it and it shouldn't be happening in the future. Yes, there were two mess-ups back-to-back involving one person. Eventually enough rings will drop that the dps and offtanks can get them. Patience is the name of the game. But instead of being willing to talk it out and make sure everyone knew what happened we got a ragequit followed by attempts to poach members (especially some of our newer tanks) to leave the guild. That is the truly scummy thing to do.
  4. But Majstor was not the Main Tank. He was primary Off-Tank. Hexhellstorm is our warrior MT and he got the ring the week before. That's one of the items we keep addressing but seems to get lost. And guild was happy to leave you alone until you tried to get some of our members to quit with this story of you being cheated out of a ring when it was a legitimate error on Rofl's part and he owned up to it; he showed you the screenshot of the incoming bids; and you just overall kept trying to place the entirety of the blame onto the guild rather than own up to your own rash decision and be willing to accept that you were outbid.
  5. You say we ninja'd the item from you. But there is solid evidence showing the bids and the "all-in" from Larauna that got overlooked by accident. You were also aware that at least one person's dkp wasn't showing properly and Rofl wanted to make sure that the ring went to the top bidder. If you bid more than me, you would have won the ring.
  6. I don't think it's asking much to toss a private whisper like that. Especially when it is purely kept between the two people. It was Majstor who told everyone about it and I was unaware that it occurred and I was leading the raid (Since I was bidding I had someone who wasn't bidding handle DKP). Yes it does move towards a loot council mentality but it was purely going to be a yay/nay situation and the officer handling DKP bids did not tell anybody about the whisper (If you chose to, you are allowed to remove your bid but you cannot change it when you send your initial bid with our system, as it's all private nobody will know if you bid less or didn't bid on an item if you don't win it). Yes, after Majstor told people in our guild about the whispers he received in his attempts to get them to leave, it made more sense why he ragequit the guild. However, after being given proof that someone else went all in and that their DKP was higher than what he could have bid. We tried to let it blow over but over the week after he left he continually tried to get people to leave the guild by saying that this item was ninja-looted from him. Some of our raiders who were there during the event called him out on his misrepresentation of the ordeal and overall he keeps trying to blame his not getting the ring on something other than a (somewhat) fair and (very) established loot system. He tried to harm the guild by whispering our members. He then tried to slander in trade. Now he's resorting to forums. All over the fact he didn't have enough DKP to outbid that bitchy female officer of Breakthrough, Larauna. He was given SS in Disc AFTER he gquit because we didn't want to lose a tank over a misunderstanding. But it wasn't sufficient evidence for him.
  7. For those of you thinking there was some sort of corruption or altering of DKP, please go ahead and check the WebDKP and tell me where. It isn't like we secretly stash the DKP anywhere. It is easily accessed through the Breakthrough webpage: https://webdkp.com/dkp/wow/Breakthrough/
  8. I mentioned earlier that the addon that was assisting with DKP had a glitch and so the officer handling the DKP had to cross check every person's DKP and make sure that a) they had enough for the bid and b) some didn't know theirs and he had to look it up and, in both cases, take into account any adjustments made earlier for loot handouts on previous bosses. ~1-2 minutes, open bid for everyone. ~ 4-5 minutes in it was announced the winning bid. I challenged and a minute later, after verifying I put in my bid during the bid time, and confirming my current DKP amount it was then announced it went to Larauna ~7 minutes 15 or so seconds after the corrected winner is announced the ring was awarded.
  9. Also the first screenshot was Werdum saying congrats to Larauna getting the ring after Niak posted in raid that anybody not bidding over 300 DKP was going to lose to Larauna. Funny how that got "missed" by your screenshots. Rofl was most likely not paying attention to chat while making sure all DKP bids were accurate otherwise he might have gone back to double check for my bid. Note: The reason Rofl was having to double check the DKP was because the addon he was using did not properly show the DKP for a previous member. So he was having to hard check each member against the website.
  10. When you have 14 or so bids coming in, it can get a little crazy to make sure all the bids are accounted for. Anybody that has ran DKP for a bunch of people can attest that sometimes there are mistakes made and that's where people can call out and challenge (which happened). Unfortunately on my part, I expressed "all in" at the very beginning while almost everyone else bid an actual number. After the winning bid was announced, I did speak up and challenge "Rofl, did you calculate my DKP correctly?" because I knew I should have had over 300 DKP and the winning bid was only 280. That is when "silence" ensued because the officer handling the bids for the item was double checking to see if I posted my bid before it closed. If you put in more DKP than I did, the ring would have been yours without a doubt. Roflkopterr even sent you a screenshot showing my all-in bid right after I made the announcement to send bids. The same ring dropped the week before and I went all-in and lost to our Main tank who bid more. Why on earth would I stop going all in on the best upgrade for a feral druid? You knew my bid should have been all-in like it was the week before. DKP is a flawed system. To help offset it we tend to use a MS>OS ruling to help make sure that gear gets to where it will be used to greatest effect. However, a side effect of that is that tanks end up with a metric shit ton of extra DKP compared to the rest of the raid because MT usually gets all upgrades first (progression and whatnot) followed by off tanks for min bids. Tanks have an overabundance of DKP in comparison to dps who are usually bidding up to a week's worth of DKP for a single item. Band of Accuria is a great example as it is great for MT threat generation we had the bid open to tanks even though the item is just as fabulous for physical dps as it opens up other upgrade options by providing 2% hit as well as being a badass ring itself. Fun Note: If you were to approach this from a Loot Council perspective, after the MT gets one it should be reserved for physical dps. Rogues/Fury warrs would be the optimal choice over an OT. So you would have been damned from the ring completely if it was to be a loot council without corruption.