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  1. Holykrew

    ganker name

    Even i've got a strong desire to gank you over and over. P.S. All low lvls, who help 60s gank me, get on my special gank list. Enjoy your endless ress.
  2. Holykrew

    Defeatist attitude in PvP

    It's ok, I still gank them, even if they belong to my faction.
  3. Will the copy of our characters on same accounts or shall we create a new one? In first case will be a possibility to change my acc. login and pass. data?
  4. Holykrew

    Anathema Updates 20/09/2017

    Soon, have some patience.
  5. Holykrew

    ganker name

    "Now i'm connected NEOLILI with my lock r10 we 're are goign to see how u show your skill this time.. i'm laughing only on thinking this....little frustared retarded rogue" He could go offline and you'll be upset till the end of your life.
  6. Holykrew

    When Somebody Leaves <Iron Edge>

    If you joined a guild (a popular guild), you should listen to GM and obey the rules. If you don't so please leave a guild without any boring drama on forums. P.S. And why are your responding instead of your "mate"?
  7. I do that often :D No, stop whining.
  8. Holykrew

    I'M GAY AND VEGAN. Please help

    Hatred brings you on the Dark Side, which isn't bad at all.
  9. Holykrew

    I'M GAY AND VEGAN. Please help

    "broke up with Pottu" I hate you for that, you are my friend no longer.
  10. Holykrew

    Defeatist attitude in PvP

    If you want to get that reward - fight for it then or do not waste time of people who plays and do not FEED a team of your opponents. P.S. suck kind of pathetic people always cry about Wpvp, Mafia n' shite. Such plathetic. I always laugh at such kind of people on forums.
  11. Holykrew

    Question about Paladin healing.

    yep, absolutely fine both in PVE and PVP.
  12. Holykrew

    Defeatist attitude in PvP

    I do not like people who go AFK in BG because "They are stronger". You are not even trying to beat then ffs...That's kind of people I hate in PVP on Elysium.
  13. Holykrew

    Defeatist attitude in PvP

    And die again and again in the Blackrock Mountain.
  14. I would not consider to be N1 by kills is something special in AV. PS: you sucked coz the Horde has killed Vann while you were farming lvl 51 opponents.