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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/7aiauv/everyst_db_hacked_emails_and_pws_leaked_on_discord/ https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/7aicvx/everyst_stored_passwords_as_plaintext/ https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/7aig0o/everyst_statement_on_wreathes_behalf/ I'm convinced it was a prank to begin with, and that includes the song and dance about imposters - all one team of japesters, and this is simply the punchline of a running joke.
  2. cybaster

    Can we prevail?

  3. I Hope I can be a paLightdin.
  4. cybaster

    Can we prevail?

    Why do you WANT to prevail? Here? You are a revenue source to these people, not a human being. You exist to be lied to, exploited, and generally used as part of a cash scam. What is there to prevail over?
  5. cybaster

    Can we prevail?

    I believe sweeping abuse and exploitation under the rug is exactly what an abuser and exploiter would want us to accept.
  6. cybaster

    Fresh Realm Name?

  7. Not possible. The only evidence of this that doesn't require an individual to employ common sense to accept, would be direct quotation from former-Elysium staff turned LH, who you regard as liars and thieves. Moreover, I see no point in lecturing you about the impossibility of simply discarding Nostalrius' overwhelming contribution to the code-base Elysium's so-called "Anathema" core uses as its foundation to this very day. I won't go on about how this could not be done without a complete character wipe and a half-year long retooling of the servers and a rollback of every change made to the code since, of which there were countless, because... I could sit you down in a room with computer science majors and field experts who would explain why all of this is true but you would still claim evidence has not been presented because you have a caveman brain incapable of recognizing the existence of anything you can't hold in your two useless hands. I will have to be satisfied that readers of this conversation with even a tiny understanding of how code is modified and changes are pushed will immediately recognize that you are overwhelmingly, perhaps even willfully, ignorant of the most basic and important knowledge points necessary to understand what all went down here.
  8. Ah, so now you're lying, too. Or you're ignorant of what actually went down. Unfortunately, I don't think correcting killerduki-level ignorance is within my capabilities, so we're at an impasse for the time being.
  9. That's reaaaallly not true, though. They got their code/db from Nostalrius. Nostalrius gave it to them because Elysium straight up lied to Nost's team about what they planned to do with it. Nostalrius has stated that they do not approve of Elysium's abuses. If I said I wanted to borrow your gun to go hunting, and you agreed to this, and I then took the gun and robbed people in an alley with it, and refused to give it back when you asked, would you consider my actions to be moral? Would you think the gun belongs to me?
  10. Oh man. Dukey calling people out for double standards. Hey Dukey, remember that one time we had this conversation and you tried to place Elysium's flagrant betrayal of their agreement with Nostalrius over the usage of Nost's code/db on higher moral ground than LH pillaging that same code to set up a server that actually tried to adhere to the agreed plan? You're the conversational equivalent of one of those kids who refuses to acknowledge taking hits when playing with toy guns. Nobody likes to play cops and robbers with the kid who incorrectly thinks he's bulletproof.
  11. You crack me up, Dukey. When you post I'm at least guaranteed a smile.
  12. Ignoring the fact that Nostalrius came out and said they couldn't condone Elysium's actions. They went so far as to say it was a betrayal, more or less. Your good guys deceived their benefactors, in essence stealing Nostalrius' code to use as a cash scam, completely betraying the purpose and spirit of the code and database transfer. If that isn't theft to you, you're morally retarded and have a scrambled brain and/or soul.
  13. Listen, pal. My uncle works for nintendo and he says it's a major concern for the game boy devs. One minute some kid is catching mew under the truck, and the next - BLAMMO - his precious save file is cooked from orbit by the reptilian liberal agenda. The community is sick of this kind of thing. What. Are. Your. Plans???
  14. Enjoy powergrinding into MC to be killed by bought 60's with bonereaver's edges, you fools. It happened before, it'll happen again. There's no such thing as fresh here. Everything is spoiled.