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  1. Ayeri


    just go out and farm. AH is rigged af atm
  2. Ayeri

    Herb Respawn Changes

    As a player from Anathema it took me months to get a hold on the lotus farming. Timer, cooperation, knowing the nodes. It was hard. Black lotus is Super Rare, it would make your day to find one. Dreamfoils was rare as well and you would fight for it. Now i feel like Black lotus has the rarity of former dreamfoils. And dreamfoils are like fucking sungrass. Ty for reading. I'm out of this shitty thread
  3. Ayeri

    Herb Respawn Changes

    so what are you basing this 20g lotus price on ?
  4. Ayeri

    Herb Respawn Changes

    timer was around 1 hour, for 2k people. it should have been way higher than that actually
  5. Ayeri

    Herb Respawn Changes

    Because flasking in vanilla wasn't meant for everyone. Content is already easy as fuck, if everybody is flasking, there is no point. Also, Dreamfoils should be at 80s / 1g, approx the same as gromsblood and plaguebloom. and lotus should be between 80g and 100g. Flasking isn't meant for everyone We are here for the vanilla experience. Don't forget about that please. If you wanna take the steps of retail wow, then yeah 20g a lotus is the way to go
  6. Hello Shino \o/ Quick question i'm asking publicly here. Is the "data reset" the addon is asking on various conditions actually purging all the data, hence not making it able to upload to legacy logs ? Because right now, after an intensive run, my data was like 8mo, i couldn't login without crashing, had to turn off DPSmate in order to actually be able to log. Would it be possible to have some sort of data ditch, like the LLsave (which is i guess for armory ?) but for DPS data ? With maybe data sessions and stuff ^^ And has pretty much everyone is saying, thank you for this addon ^^
  7. Ayeri

    The War Effort Reborn

    You are killing the server, is that your goal ?
  8. Ayeri

    Development Update 17.02.2017

    the Fear + CC disconnection should be an emergency fix. Imagine it happening at World Bosses
  9. Ayeri

    [AddOn] ShaguPlates

    Oh please do it !
  10. Ayeri

    [AddOn] ShaguPlates

    Hello Shagu ! Thanks a lot for this wonderful addon :) I've got a proposition ! Would it be possible to have the bars transparent by default, instead of having them non transparent all the time ? They become transparent when you have a target, would be nice to have them transparent all the time and have only your target nameplate become non transparent :D (i've been trying to look into the lua to modify it, but i'm kinda bad at it right now ^^ still learning) Keep up the good work edit : i can pm you raid videos where it's kind of a problem, ie suppression room
  11. Ayeri

    Devour magic macro

    Hello, try this :) /script if UnitExists("pettarget")==1 then if UnitIsFriend("player","pettarget") then CastSpellByName("Devour Magic") else CastSpellByName("Devour Magic", 1) end else end Explanation : /script if UnitExists("pettarget")==1 -- Does your pet have a target ? then if UnitIsFriend("player","pettarget") -- If yes, then is the target of your pet friendly to the player ? then CastSpellByName("Devour Magic") -- If yes, cast Devour Magic on the target else CastSpellByName("Devour Magic", 1) -- If not, cast devour magic on self (the 1 is you) end else end Personnally, I use 5 pet macros. Toggle Attack/Follow, meaning you control the position of your pet with only one button, and the attack button becomes On/Off (instead of having to press the follow button) A Self dispell/buff depending on the pet you have, which makes your pet follow you if he has a target (meaning you won't have a range problem to dispell yourself if your target is running away from you and your pet is attacking her) PetStay, not as useful as the other ones, but always good to make sure your pet won't follow you everywhere when you don't want it to CastPetAction(4) : First Spell of your pet CastPetAction(5) : Second Spell of your pet (you can change the position of your pet spells to fit which one is where) Feel free to ask more questions about this, and i can give the macros as well ;) Ayeri, Warlock in the guild <Coalition>
  12. Ayeri

    The Spell Hit debate

    so Guybrush you confirm 100% that Elysium/Anathema is a 2 roll system ?
  13. Ayeri

    Koruu´s (Rank 13 warlock) livestream

    Hrm Hrm N°2 bwl Hrm
  14. Ayeri

    [AddOn] RingMenu

    have you heard about Sprocket ? because i think it is more powerful than RingMenu, and it works a bit like the com wheel in Overwatch. You have buttons that you can configure, and it function like that : -press the keybind, shows the wheel -release keybind, wheel disappears -release keybind while mouse hovering the angle corresponding to the spell you want to launch -> cast the spell here is a video that shows it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o68iT6_7N4U it would be really nice to have a combination of RingMenu and Sprocket, because i think Sprocket has nice functions, and RingMenu is easy to configure
  15. Ayeri

    Pros & Cons of my build

    i'd prefer some resists than having a cast time on my corruption, always. edit : well, you are going to be spamming the фекал out of your shadowbolt, so yeah, 4% is good