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  1. Instance portals should be disabled, its just more bad game design from Blizzard.
  2. Guybrush

    Development Update 24.05.2017

    I believe this is due to this fix: https://github.com/elysium-project/server/pull/645 Do you have evidence that it should proc on every hit?
  3. That text was added during WotLK. We already determined JoL stacking was an exploit during WotLK.
  4. Since always? Theorycraft, BigWigs and KTM are extremely good resources for vanilla mechanics.
  5. Those values were confirmed with the 1.12 theorycraft addon source code, which tested and validated those values back in the day
  6. Guybrush

    Garr's Massive Explosion

    Just found out about this issue so I don't know if its been posted yet: From the dungeon companion. I think the reason why people don't remember him doing it is because the adds were always kept banished until the end. Massive Eruption working on banished adds is most likely a bug. Another thing thats missing is that mini garr invasion thing, that seems fun.
  7. Guybrush

    Incomplete source code?

    You're missing something. Not every mob needs a custom script, some can be handled by the database alone. Look up EventAI.
  8. Guybrush

    Weaponskill & hit according to the source code

  9. Guybrush

    Weaponskill & hit according to the source code

    Just because other people said so doesn't mean its right. There were 3 competing formulas during vanilla that never were properly tested: 8, 8.6 and 9. Extensive testing during TBC determined that the 9% formula was right, so it became the accepted formula for tbc and vanilla. The majority of vanilla servers are using the TBC formula so its not Elysium's version of the table, its what everyone uses (Kronos had to be a special snowflake and uses the 8% one).
  10. Guybrush

    Weaponskill & hit according to the source code

    You make no sense. Skill and defense calculations apply to everyone, players, bosses and regular mobs. There is a different formula for pvp and pve, OP pasted the pve one. 300 vs 315 the cap is 9% / 28% 300 vs 300 the cap is 5% / 24% 305 vs 315 the cap is 6% / 25%
  11. Guybrush

    Weaponskill & hit according to the source code

    The formula is right there in OPs post why are you making numbers up. Yellow cap is 9%, white cap is 28%.
  12. I personally know some of these <Blacklisted> and they're the worst sort of bunch. They have deep ties to the Hillary Foundation and their guild leader has reportedly killed a man with nothing more than a prism charm, I would stay away from them if I were you.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6FGvKLoPlw&t=3m42s
  14. Just a friendly reminder that NOPE was verified to be behind some of the DDoSing a few months ago.
  15. Guybrush

    Herb/Alch vs Herb/Tailor

    Be Herb / Alch until ZG, then Herb / Tailor when ZG comes out and train alchemy on an alt.