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  1. Insa

    Lower level brackets

    29s are pretty active with lots of twinks but alliance badly needs good healers or experienced FC.
  2. Insa

    Queue at 9k

    I just played few battlegrounds. Lag is terrible
  3. Insa

    Queue at 9k

    I suggested opening transfer to Anathema long time ago. Their excuse for not doing so was that servers are at different patch. But seriously, who cares about what patch there is when Elysium is overcrowded and unplayable while Anathema is pretty much deserted.
  4. Admins, get real. The queue should be not at 9k. It should be at 6k. This server cant hold anything above that number, at 8-9k its just unplayable. Everything takes 2 seconds to trigger. Queue is to solve lag problem, if it doesnt, why even put queue?
  5. I can see an issue if Elysium was ahead of Anathema in terms of content. Players in full AQ gear would have advantage in realm where noone else has access to it. But as far as I know its Anathema is ahead. So explain to me, what exactly is the problem? Elysium players cant have anything that Anathema players dont have.
  6. Open transfers to less populated realms to reduce stress on overcrowded servers was common practice from Blizzard. And it worked very well. Many guilds transfered all their members to play without lag and queues. I only play for 29 twinks PvP and already have 5 twinks on Anathema, so it isnt relevant for me. But Im sure many would prefer smooth play over high population.
  7. I dont need to imagine, I know how queues work and been through many of them. Its much better solution then whole server population struggling with unplayable lag. Another solution would be to open free transfer from Elysium to Anathema. I know, they are different progression, but this minor case compared to severe lag due to overpopulation. And transfer will also solve low pop problem of Anathema.
  8. Well yeah, we are different types of persons. When you encounter bugs and issues, you will sit forever with your mouth shut being too scared to hurt someones feelings. While I will report bugs and discuss the issues so that developers could fix them and make it more pleasant for everyone.
  9. Devs, game is almost unplayable in BGs. And been like that for weeks. I know, 8.5k number looks good and all, but if server cant hold this number (it appears it cant), maybe introduce a cap or upgrade hardware? Are you even trying to do something about it? Since lag wont go anywhere without measures taken
  10. Insa

    20-29 Thread

    Some core members of Almost Thirty will try this for sure. If games become active, it will be our final stay
  11. Insa

    20-29 Thread

    Too busy playing at Project Ascension atm, but I'll keep checking warmane and soon to be released Gummy TBC for twinking opportunities.
  12. Insa

    20-29 Thread

    Warmane gets x1 realm Now this is where 29 twinking can prevail
  13. Insa

    20-29 Thread

    Will copy what I wrote at xpoff forum: There probably wont be any lowBG games for a long while. From what Ive seen there is little to no motivation for leveling chars to join BGs. 1. BGs dont grant exp upon win. 2. You have to take effort to walk to battle master. Which doesnt work well with rush to endgame mentality of x5. 3. Most players will wear grey crap till reaching Outland. I was almost full grey at 29. Ofc hardly enyone will want to PvP in BGs being almost naked. So I guess we'll have to wait for Gummy's TBC server for proper twink server. And meanwhile Elysium is your best bet for 29s.