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  1. Ironsides

    Fresh Realm Release: Nighthaven PvP

    literally lmao at all the scrubs asking for slower content release. oh no, i might not be in BiS to roll over the next tier of content in 4 hours when it releases! fast release is how you make the game "hard". so what if you are barely able to clear domo while another guild is bumfucking cthun to death. get good lads.
  2. tell me who pottu's real identity is and ill pay for your gas for 3 weeks shenna
  3. Ironsides


    Better fix to premades dodging: If you've died 10+ times without an HK blow you can /afk out without penalty Honor from HKs decays by 2.5%/kill while in battlegrounds, capping at 50%. Bonus honor from winning the match increases in an exponential function proportional to the amount of time. People afking out of a match regresses that additional bonus honor gain up to that point by 5% (so if a premade has cycled 20 puggers out of a single match, they'd get standard honor gain from winning the match). PvP isn't about horde vs alliance here, it's you competing against your own faction in honor/hour. If premades had any incentive to fight each other here, they might actually do that.
  4. Ironsides


    lmao at people talking about what "real vanilla pvp" was. you either organized win trading with your xfaction buddies you used to kill in DaOC/EQ/UO at 3 am when everyone was asleep or you fucking rolled pugs all day with your premade and dodged the other team. just because you were ignorant trashbags in 04-06 doesn't mean the same shit wasn't happening then. p.s, I like the 3 man limit because I enjoy pug vs pug retard matches more than actual rank grinding, but it is still a fucking stupid change to implement. If you can't see the problems that will arise from honor block groups that will inevitably form from the chinese mafia then I don't know what to tell you. Would expand on it here but I'd probably get forum banned again for speaking some inconvenient truths.
  5. Ironsides

    Server down again?

    quote me someone who has any input in this thread thus far.
  6. Ironsides

    Server down again?

    it's a free server. if you dont like it, play somewhere else don't forget to donate
  7. Ironsides

    Server down again?

    if you donated more maybe the server would be up more
  8. Ironsides

    Crossbow of Imminent Doom vs. Rhok'delar

    They're about on par with each other. I'd say BS probably outperforms because full clip rotations are easier to do with lag.
  9. Ironsides


    Premading ain't going away kiddo. WoW is a fucking MMORPG. Multiplayer game. Just because you're a fucking dumbass that no one wants to premade with doesn't mean you can't change yourself for the better. Try a lobotomy, I think it'd be an improvement for you. Alternatively, just go solo world pvp. You are playing this game for fun, right? You ain't a real pvper, you're a real faggot 100% Don't take the name in vain, small son.
  10. Ironsides


    Either go world pvp or make some friends you blithering moron
  11. Ironsides

    Demise of the Mafia

    I never wasted time on the rejection station alakir
  12. Ironsides

    Herb spawn rate.

    Really all you need to clear BWL is preraid BiS except on your MT/2nd/3rd Tanks. People flasking en masse for this content only became a thing when realmplayers came out. Realmplayers is the thing driving the autistic levels of preraid prep like world buffs, consumable stacking (lmao hunters using ud strat scrolls/jujus on their pets), and flasks for every player for every raid. With however 100+ guilds are raiding, this is obviously going to dry destroy the availability of herbs on the AH because there arent enough herbalists/herbs to satisfy the amount of people using those consumables. Supply/demand. Try doing a dry run, it's really not hard. The most you'll end up using is some superior/major mana potions and maybe a flask on the MT
  13. Ironsides

    Herb spawn rate.

    you don't need flasks for every raider to clear current content
  14. Ironsides

    Instant pet dismiss (BG)

    abusing server bugs.