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  1. Greenkarma

    Elysium server is not PvP...

    So for casual pvp player no point to level up? Sad... I would love to do 1-2 BG's per evening,but not against raid groups :D
  2. Greenkarma

    Shenna's Resignation

    Varbūt man latviski arī sākt rakstīt? Esi tik debīls ka nesaproti kur rakstīt savā valodā?
  3. Greenkarma

    Shenna's Resignation

    wrong topic, English
  4. Greenkarma

    How is "Ninja" defined?

    What will be next? He killed my mob, thought I gonna do it soonish. Cmooon.....
  5. Hello. I seen these kind of questions before, but never seen answer from any GM. Elysium project planing to release in future any TBC server? Its important to know,cos all my friends are TBC fans and won't join here till they will know about any tbc server release here. There is so many tbc fans,to keep Elysium nr1, TBC server could help keep population and even more.All other private servers are in really bad shape,elysium or original wow, only 2 options for me. Please those ultraturbosuperpuper vanilla lovers, no hate comments. Regards
  6. I would agree about unbans. I start to believe that hackers have support from GM's. Just do simple check, report hacker and add it to friends. Will see how long its will keep playing or selling. Anathema and ZK merge ? no way, I done my choice and I rerolled on ZK for fresh start exp, Why ZK would need those overplayed Anathema characters ?
  7. Greenkarma

    Thanks Ely proj!

    What was the point of this? What u wanna hear now?
  8. Someone thinks he is victim as usual :D To get on very top have to cooperative, not dictate.
  9. ohh, then just go away. You are to poor to play Legion and to lazy to play Elysium. Probably poor cos so lazy. Irony a bit, if u like all so easy why not to play legion then? The best servers can offer only blizzard.
  10. Greenkarma

    Chimney in Dalaran

    ohh.. health and safety first :p
  11. Greenkarma

    Anathema PvP — Unexpected Downtime

    If donate do not refund. Cos its effects all of us.And some people may donate and to make drama will ask for refund. Before you do donation think twice.
  12. Greenkarma

    just take the gold and give us another chance

    Gold farming ,earning are one of the big parts what I like about vanilla. Why to ruin it? Pfff
  13. Greenkarma

    Pondering need & greed.

    Item upgrade - need. Item with no upgrade over item what on you - greed. If nobody needs it and u get it,sell it or use it for other class build. Profession,recipes and other stuff - need. Sell it or use it for yourself. Its the way to go?
  14. Greenkarma


    Ehh... shame. misunderstood a bit then. If any info about what I asked, would appreciate anyways. If they advertising them,so its ok to talk about it here:p Cheers mate. Ty