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  1. Rekt

    New Patch and Raid Boss!

    why are the dislikes disabled on this video??
  2. Rekt

    Druid model

    At your own risk
  3. so this guy has scripts for AQ or something? really makes me think
  4. Rekt

    Unplayable lag that started yesterday.

    Only seems to be trouble with routing to ovh, even the website loads slowly. Whatever they'll fix it.
  5. Rekt

    Wanabe Ungoro "Mafia"

    what did christie mean by this?
  6. eternal FIVE (5) star poster
  7. thicc female dwarves with the pigtails that raise up when they cast
  8. at least he's 6'2, 4% bf with a full head of hair unlike 99% of posters here
  9. why do so many people view this thread but not my forum profile????