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  1. JunkShop

    Fresh Realm Name?

    Titanic seems apt...
  2. How do you remove those who hold all the power and have no will to go?
  3. JunkShop

    Fast ban

    It won't ever be my blood because I don't buy gold.
  4. JunkShop

    New to the realm

    To answer question 3. Raid order in my original vanilla guild was ZG (when opened)>MC>BWL>AQ>Naxx. I guess it's the same now (haven't joined a raid guild yet) though some realms do not have ZG available.
  5. JunkShop

    Fast ban

    Start a new account or go away gold buyer. You are part of the reason our mailboxes are full of spam, you are part of the reason our chat is full of spam. Kronos has just announced that anyone caught buying gold will have ALL of their accounts banned indefinitely. I like this idea, I wouldn't let gold buyers start a new account at all. They (you) cannot be trusted. Here's a question. Did you know that buying gold was against the rules? If the answer is yes and you did it anyway, then you deserve your ban. If the answer is no then you should've read the rules and deserve your ban.
  6. JunkShop

    We're playing on elysium

    Couldn't give a stuff about some YouTube nobody, the server satisfies my need for vanilla wow gaming, I'll be here til the end. Thanks Elysium!
  7. JunkShop

    The future of Legacy, starts now!

    Because they are pathetic worms who have nothing better to do with their life than complain about a free game.
  8. JunkShop

    What happened ? step by step

    @mr. knowitall I come here looking for useful information, instead I see a handful of whiners complaining about shit that most of us couldn't care less about. The only thing that matters to me is the servers are up and I can play with my friends. It seems to me, these are the things the vast majority of the players care about. Certainly not all the playground BS perpetuated by a handful of sad individuals.
  9. JunkShop

    What happened ? step by step

    Take a look at these forums, there are a handful of people who post over and over and over. The vast majority of players don't bother coming here, they just play the game. You can repost all this crap over and over, but the bottom line is, the only people who might be remotely put off by all this stuff are some of the handful of players that bother to even come here. I read it all, but essentially I enjoy the game, none of it has affected me or what I do in-game, so it's meaningless to me, and likely thousands and thousands of other players. People can spout all the 'Elysium is dying' stuff, but there are still huge numbers of people logging in and playing. Very few people really care about any of this.
  10. JunkShop

    AFK timeout

    I've found it only logs you out to your character. I log on and off throughout the day whilst I'm doing chores etc at home. Often I find I've been logged out of the game but can still be in the character screen a couple of hours later.
  11. 1. Probably blizz-like as stated above. 2. Yes, hopefully. Anathema is due to get AQ this month, so we'll see how that goes before making any real predictions. 3. There are no guarantees. Create a character and dive in. Don't worry about what may or may not be around the corner.
  12. JunkShop

    Alexsensual's new video about Elysium.

    Who is this guy? I must admit I never really watch You Tube vids like this, but he is trying to compare the Elysium/Crestfall partnership with things like the UN and EU. Weird guy.
  13. I'm not up to speed with Crestfall, but does anybody know if they plan to have a PvE server? If not, this news isn't really news for those of us that play on Darrowshire.
  14. JunkShop

    HD models for Classic

    There is no old content in vanilla.
  15. JunkShop

    HD models for Classic

    Achievements are a poor addition as it's just another thing that drives a wedge in the community. Ever seen the 'link XXXX achievement or no invite'? That kind of stuff along with gear score and the LFD tool are what started the game on it's downward path, particularly from a community point of view. It starts arguments, it causes friction between players. I don't want to see any more of that than we already have. Maybe some kind of personal achievement system where only the player gets to see them might work, but it's not blizz-like and it's not vanilla wow. Transmog I couldn't care less about, I don't even have a transmog in retail, I live in the gear I find as I have since I first started playing vanilla back in the day. I don't really see the need to play dolly dress up with my characters.