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  1. ppl QQing that prems are 90% are the kind that see a random china r10 in their game and start fluttering " ITs A PRem11!!!1!". Are u fucking insane? I do premades every now and then to try meet other premades and takes us like 5-6 fucking games ONLY TO MEET a premade. How desillusional are you to think 90% of games are premade? open your fucking eyes. I WISH THEY WERE FFS.
  2. i am here now. Hi all, long time no see. THIS MEASURE IS GOOD I APPROVE :) WILL HELP COOMUNITY =) EAGER TO RAID =)
  3. Spanishboss


    sorry guys i lost one game out of the 30 million i played, im bad at this game, i wont fail u again.
  4. Spanishboss


    im not saluting contestors in general, i am specialy mentioning the ones who could INDEED CONTEST and give troubble, aka the ones i named.
  5. Spanishboss


    Announcement: Un'goro Mafia will be inactive as of today 05/03/2017. The OLD leadership in the Un'goro Mafia have decided to stop farming Un'goro on Elysium due to lack of interest within the mafia. When the mafia first started the idea behind it was to control the prices of Devilsaur Leather early on the server to secure gold for epic mounts & consumables. And bring world PvP to Un'goro. We feel like we have farmed more than enough & have exceeded our goals. It's been fun and we would like to thank everyone who took part in the mafia and also thank all our rivals for the PvP we've encountered in the crater. //Kraunz/Curatorx/Uhdx/Busdriverx/ Dont be mistaken, the mafia is not dissapearing , its simply passing of hands, the new leadership will be PHX ( Hillary Clinton´s nephew), one of the most importat and valuable assets we have had in the mafia, and he ll be leading it to a new era according to his values. IT was fun etc. Salutes to Homuchan, Jupplebear. Respected and autistic annoying enemies.
  6. Spanishboss

    Hello Mafia, Good Bye Mafia.

    i have 240k gold alrdy, anyone wants some? im quiting :S
  7. Spanishboss

    Hello Mafia, Good Bye Mafia.

    anyone who wants to read all the stupid things we write is welcome lol, how does that end anything or annoys us AT ALL? wtf even shayss acould see how dumb this post is.
  8. you must be so dumb and new if u think those are glitches, i feel sorry for you at lvl 60. Get good please, or go back to flying pandas.
  9. Spanishboss

    The Devilsaur Mafia

    yet you both dont get shit done, which is sad.
  10. Spanishboss

    Mafia's days are over!!

    they re limiting transfers tho :(
  11. Spanishboss

    Mafia's days are over!!

    funny guy who is obviously dumb enough to think he can do something against us.
  12. Spanishboss

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    like, are u serious? or clueless? either way...hahahah
  13. :) even if im not at home, friends take care of my home. Easy.
  14. Spanishboss

    Good rate of gold per hour while farming?

    dont even need to sheep a certain anything tho, its all about organisation, ill put an example: 30 chinas from SMALL GROUP guild come down crater, kiled our 2 farmers, and before they could get a second leather we were camping them with 30 ppl and covering GY ress ( ye they ressed and got camped 40 more mins). all of this isnt worth 25g/hour, but it certainly is 500g/hour. ppl always QQ and then wonder why retail became a shit kid game