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  1. JustAThrowAway

    Copying Bank toons and low levels.

    Haven't stopped them from making other weird decisions so shouldn't stop them this time either :)
  2. So, I've been putting in ~16-18h/day to level a mage just to enjoy premading and getting R14. Guess it's time to rethink my life decisions eh? :^) Rip. Was retarded when Nostalrius did this and it's even more retarded now since we already know the outcome.
  3. If you read thread there is lots of whine about this so further confirmation is needed. I personally dont mind either way, just want a clear answer as to what will happen. Imo, after all the whine about timelines, newcomers, latecomers, virgins etc nothing is confirmed. Therefore, I request this further confirmation of questions so I can feel satisfied with whatever decision I'm going to make. Yes, these posts are made only for selfish reasons, I want to know and I want to know ASAP. BYE! :)
  4. Hey friends. I would appriciate a confirmation that Elysium and Anathema will end up on the same TBC server eventually and if transfers from Anathema will go out before Elysium. So I can reroll and prepare on Anathema ASAP not to miss early progression races on the eventual TBC realm because players from Elysium will transfer at a later stage. That's all, thank you for your time. PS. Love your servers, would donate if not on welfare.
  5. JustAThrowAway

    DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    Maybe they should take the hint.
  6. JustAThrowAway

    Alexensual banned yet?

    Fair enough, Lifealert. You make a good point that it would "confirm" that they are shady. However, this is starting to go too far. This sort of behavior is NOT ok. What type of punishment can you give him if not a ban from the LGN-servers? If he was just some random dude, sure, then just let it be. But say what you want about Alex, hes not some random dude. He has a big following and can cause servers harm if his followers start to stirr shit up. A single computer DDOSing wont cause harm but a big botnet will. Something has to be done so people know this sort of witch hunts is not ok, especially not if you have a big following and they are starting to cause trouble on Twitter, reddit etc. Maybe ignoring him would be the best option as he seems to thrive in this sort of drama. This thread and post might just be counterproductive so this will be my last post regarding this.
  7. JustAThrowAway

    Alexensual banned yet?

    Its not the fact that he's wrong (he's actually right about some things) that has me annoyed. Its that he's out on a witch hunt. Taking things out of context, colluding with a recently fired dev and blowing things out of porportions. It's clear that he hates Elysium but instead leaving it at that he's going to great lengths to turn people against the admins, devs, GMs etc. He could've left it at saying they are shady and he wont be playing here anymore. Instead he gets into bed with Yaga and posts "proof" of wrong doing, based ONLY on the words of a dev who had been fired hours earlier. Posting a pic of a "spawned" character, when he knows some of the players had their names changed when using the token so it looks like they got all items in a single day. The dude had like 60k+ HKs and Alex ignored the fact that all spawned chars had 0 HKs when they were spawned. All this to make Elysium/LGN look bad. He's not reasonable at all with this witch hunt, which is why I think he derserves to banned. Lock him up.
  8. JustAThrowAway

    Alexensual banned yet?

    Bump. Can we get admin/GM response?
  9. JustAThrowAway

    I couldn't care less

    Can anyon tl;dr his vid? Im done giving him views.
  10. JustAThrowAway

    Alexensual banned yet?

    This was before his autism went into overdrive a few hours ago and he started to incite even more drama, together with an incompetent dev who got fired from the Elysium-team.
  11. Hey team. Was just wondering if you have banned Alex yet? So sick of his autistic shit. Thanks fam.
  12. Yes, you can. If you login like normal and hit ESC as soon as the window says Connected you will end up in the realmlist. You have to be fast though. Might take a few tries to get it right but it's easy once you figure it out. I learned this when I accidently connected to the IsVV realm on Nost, which instantly dc'd you.
  13. JustAThrowAway

    xp off command?

    Considering that this was a thing on Elysium but now turned off I really doubt that they will enable the command again.