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  1. Faith

    I couldn't care less

    Ok, i agree with some of what you say. Also, I appreciate what the Elysium staff does. I'm a software engineer and i know it takes a lot of work to maintain this project. Having said that I'd be lying if I wasn't concerned about alex's video. Alex, is young and very opinionated and quick to formulate his own decision. Which, there is nothing wrong with that. He's young and it's commonplace to see such behavior. However, Elysium was founded on morals I believed in. Maybe u didn't.. but i do. I'm happy the server is here and wish Elysium the best. I just hope the best doesn't include shady dealings.
  2. I disagree. The new realm has plenty of people on it.
  3. Not sure what you are saying here?
  4. Faith

    ledger of tanaris

    Yes Bioness is correct.
  5. I don't play on Elysium anymore. However, when they servers used to be down when I did, I usually worked on my game I'm creating or played my guitar and drank a good Hacker Pschorr.
  6. Faith

    Suzerain's Resignation

    I never met Suzerain but she certainly sounds like a wonderful person. I wish you the best and thank you for all you've done for this project. This post made for sad several reasons. We are obviously losing a wonderful GM and it shows how people can't get past their own immaturity and ego to understand that this is a free service provided by volunteers. They deserve your thanks, respect, and gratitude. I run a guild where I try to impress kindness, and, respect... where we try to foster an attitude of community. Where we are all a piece of the whole and that by helping each other we help ourselves. By helping Elysium and being gracious and respectful and above all thankful of their efforts you are helping yourself. Keep that in mind the next time you consider insults, or complaints. ~ Faith ~
  7. Faith

    Don't open 4th server

    New Server tomorrow :)
  8. Faith

    Don't open 4th server

    Actually the undertanker had a great post and after reading that post and the responses to this one I can confirm that if they added a new PvP server I will definitely be creating a character there. I miss PvP. :) ~ Faith ~
  9. This is a great post and made me think about the PvE server that I'm on. I miss PvP. I run a guild currently on the PvE server and i have that PvP itch all the time. On Kronos II (PVP realm) when I think of my favorite moments they are all pretty much PvP encounters. ~ Faith aka FaithDriven ~
  10. Faith

    Don't open 4th server

    I had queue's of up to 8K on both realms, before I finally settled into the PvE realm due to the fact, mostly, that is was calming down faster and gave me a better ping rate. In regards to being rude, I just get tired of the same old thing.Server comes online in any popular game and it's crazy over populated. Then they community wants more servers. They add more servers. A few months later a large part of the populace leaves and the servers are underpopulated. Server merges then happen and the community freaks out.. OMG the game is dying. Now I don't see this as the same thing because it IS a free private game project. I also have no problems of them bringing up another realm. I just think, instead of whiney posts (because let me tell you a lot of them come across as whiney) you could put it forward in a nicer way. Everyone knows that if the queue's continue they will have to open another realm. What does that mean? More money more time and you can't just snap your fingers and have it. Please take into account that there are real people with jobs and lives that have to manage this. So just be courteous and patient. That is all I'm getting at. Also, I would love to be on a PvP server. I'm a very avid PvP player of 2k rating. I have played in the 2400 bracket with MageKidd from Tichondrius but I myself was only around 2k. We did some good dmg though against 2300+ teams. So i'm a decent PvP player and enjoy PvP immensely. However, these PvP realm are not blizzlike. These are not like Vanilla world PvP. They are way over populated with way too many kiddies abusing the system. Griefing and being immature little asses. So for now I'm on the PvP server and I love it but I do miss world PvP a lot. ~ Faith aka FaithDriven ~
  11. Shagu i use your nameplates and love them. This does look nice.
  12. Totally agree. The pvp servers are not Blizzlike as the populations are way to high and the player base way too cancerous.
  13. Faith

    Don't open 4th server

    I played on both servers when they re-opened. Didn't cry about queue's like you. So keep crying. I find it hilarious. I think Elysium should give out tShirts to people like you. Reading: "I played on the Free Nostalrius / Elysium server and cried like a girl because I expected the same services as a game I actually PAID for". They should also send you some kleenex to wipe those tears away. Poor little nooby. ~ Faith ~