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  1. Asherdoom


    Aurigon ciao ci conosciamo da tempo abbiamo giocato su ED insieme negli stormlords (ero il mage gnomo Flyffy) volevo sapere se avete TS o discord che mi unisco anche io! quasi quasi con voi mi rollo un prete o warrior che vedo vi mancano! :D
  2. Hallo! thinking on rerolling here horde side what is the most needed calss/spec? mages/locks/healers? or maybe tanks? thanks in advance for any info!
  3. what is the addon on the right of ur screen which shows which spells are casted?
  4. Asherdoom

    The future of Legacy, starts now!

    excuse me im just aking for info: what about zeth kur? if it stays like this will beome a dead server. are you planning to merge it with elysium should his pop fail down?
  5. Asherdoom

    BC and Wotlk Servers???

    wait was there the dea of elysium staff to make a "common pool" with other projects and release also a tbc server or i missed somthin?
  6. Asherdoom

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    excuse me for my noobness: is there a way to move text around (for example name)like shadowed unit frmaes in later expansions? name text is in the middle of the frame and i would like to move it on top of such frame :D
  7. Asherdoom


    i confirm my issues. i got installed oly debuffstimer and modui. it is mod ui that "duplicate" cooldown count on enemy debuff frame and to remove this problem i gotta uncheck the "cooldown" on modui options which removes me the cooldown on action bar so im forced to install omnicc vanilla version :(
  8. Asherdoom

    [Addon] DebuffTimers

    please fix cooldown timer wth modui. double debuff timer is a pain to see :(
  9. Asherdoom


    i think is debufftmiers yes confirmed is the only addon i use together with modui. if i put the scale of cooldown it won overlap due to being too smal and another default cd from somewhere comes up yet dunno whythis happen lol
  10. Asherdoom


    well i use only modui lol
  11. Asherdoom


    please fix cooldown timer wth modui. double debuff timer is a pain to see :(
  12. Asherdoom

    [Addon] DebuffTimers

    i got a issue. when i installed this addon it shows double cooldown timer. (2 numbers in the same debuff cooldown) adn if i remove debufftracker ofc they come back vanilla like it means no timer at all. something i messed up? UPDATE: i link here a screen of nemy unit frames with double debuff counter Screen
  13. Asherdoom


    hello sorry for my noobnes when i put the enemy frame of modui, if i pass the mouse on the enemy bar, a dual status text appears (both default blizzard and the modui ones) which results messy :( i got unchecked "status text" on options menu. anyone can help me on it? UPDATE: now i cannot see enemy health. i can see only percentage. before i was able to :(
  14. Asherdoom

    Post Your UI #3456789

    report him in ban apppeals with provs no? so he get banned
  15. Asherdoom

    Lista gilde ita sui server

    si ma se c'e' na cosa che ho imparato giocando nei privati da tanti anni e': mai credere agli annunci. cmq io sinceramente mi son messo su una gilda internazionale di matti da legare e per ora sto bene li. non voglio rompere gli zebedei a nessuno e auguro la migliore esperienza a tutti voi ma per mia conoscenza ed esperienza raramente le giulde ita combinano qualcosa in pve: specie in vanilla auguri a trovare 40 italiani stabili che raidano! detto questo io aspetto il server tbc quando sarea che lo aprono :)