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  1. Fisher

    Priest Leveling Guide

    I appreciate that. Glad it helps.
  2. Fisher

    Priest Leveling Guide

    Apologies for the slow replies. I don't check these forums much, anymore. Not necessarily. Most early-level dungeons are going to be easy enough that you can heal them no matter what talents you pick (you could even pick none, but why would you?). Holy/discipline talents will be better, but not required. Once you get to 50-60, you might have a harder time, but while leveling on Nostalrius with this build, I healed every dungeon just fine. If you're concerned you'll have issues, a second set of gear is useful. A set with more intellect and +healing is good to keep around, since your spirit gear will be less useful if you aren't able to get killing blows and need to cast more frequently.
  3. Fisher


    If you want to recruit for your guild, I think you should be posting here, assuming you're on Elysium.
  4. Fisher

    Lupos vs Broken Tooth - BM Hunter data

    No, it doesn't. It's a the mean of all the attacks' damage. Only 20 attacks were made with each pet; attack speed was not considered (apparently). Lupos has an attack speed of 2.0. Broken Tooth has an attack speed of 1.0. Broken Tooth does the same number of attacks in exactly half the time. If Broken Tooth does one attack per second, then taking the total damage and dividing it by the number of attacks made (before you consider talents) is accurate. However, Lupos can only deal half an attack a second, or one attack every two seconds. Therefore, taking the total damage and dividing it by the number of attacks made is not an accurate way to calculate DPS.
  5. Fisher

    Lupos vs Broken Tooth - BM Hunter data

    It makes sense to me that it should, but apparently it doesn't. I'm not sure how it was in vanilla, but it wouldn't surprise me that it didn't consume stacks in vanilla, either. I don't know for sure one way or the other, and I won't purport to know.
  6. Fisher

    Lupos vs Broken Tooth - BM Hunter data

    Which, before talents, should make literally zero difference. Pets of the same species have normalized DPS values. Granted, wolves and cats aren't the same species, and there would be variations in their DPS (as a result of their differing stats), but the attack speed is not a factor. However, I do agree that the math is faulty, because it doesn't account for the attack speed. It would be more accurate to state that, on average, Lupos hits ~21% harder because Lupos ignores armor. The values stated, 145 for Lupos compared to 115 for Broken Tooth, are not DPS, but rather average hits. Since Lupos takes exactly twice as long as Broken Tooth to deal the same number of attacks, Broken Tooth's DPS is actually superior, given these values, which is expected, given that cats are the highest DPS pet species.
  7. Fisher

    Lupos vs Broken Tooth - BM Hunter data

    No, it doesn't. The whole argument is totally inconsequential, because its entire premise is false. Lupos's attacks pre 1.9 did not consume Improved Shadow Bolt. Check this thread out, where this was reported: I encourage anyone playing (on a server/realm where he deals Shadow damage) to test it for yourselves.
  8. Fisher

    Lupos & 1.9

    #RestInPeace, Lupos.
  9. I recorded a couple of Aimed Shots with Berserking active. Using the timecode added on top of the footage, I didn't notice a difference in cast time. However, as my findings show, the cast speed wasn't entirely accurate due to FPS and latency issues. I haven't downloaded any addons to show the cast time of Aimed Shot, though I doubt the accuracy of such an addon, anyway. I don't really consider this to be substantial enough evidence to suggest it is bugged, as others report it is working fine. Honestly, I don't care enough to really prove one way or the other at this point. It didn't reduce the cast time for me. If others would be willing to test it on their troll hunters, I'd love to see the results of such a test. As for quivers, my findings showed they did not reduce cast time of Aimed Shot, which is both what I expected and what I believed to be accurate to the time period. However, considering quivers do not reduce the cast time, I was suspecting neither Rapid Fire or Quick Shots would either, since the equip text is the same (not the actual aura it applies, which is not visible in-game). Also, admittedly, I did not play a hunter in vanilla, so it's entirely possible I wasn't aware that's how it worked "back in the day."
  10. Fisher

    Hunter stat priority and stat values

    Ah, duh. Makes sense. Thanks. /cheer
  11. Fisher

    Hunter stat priority and stat values

    Having played around with your spreadsheet (and making a few of my own with some research into how damage is calculated for hunters), I'll admit I was way off. I was basically equating them the entirely wrong way. In any case, thanks for the useful spreadsheet. I've been messing with it (adding AEP, DPS value and %DPS value for each stat) for a while now. Also went ahead and made the talent choices a drop down selection so you can easily choose the ranks of the talents. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zSMYP1BU8CrqWwyRfNsJNI8vN2g4u7v8zvJW0X6pQwg/edit#gid=915078907 This is what I've come up with thus far. Does it seem at all accurate? Secondly, I have a couple questions: In the Attack Power calculation on the Main sheet, I noticed there is an innate +110 Attack Power. What is that? Arrow DPS is set to 17 on your spreadsheet. There's ammo for 17.5 DPS and 16.5 DPS, but no 17 DPS. Is this a mistake on your part, or on the database I use's part?
  12. Fisher

    Hunter stat priority and stat values

    It's interesting you calculate the percentage increase in DPS instead of the raw DPS it will give you. When you try to calculate the percentage of DPS a point of RAP gives you, you're going to be very frustrated, because literally every point of RAP will change the value of each successive point of RAP. However, when you calculate the raw DPS value of RAP, Agility, and the equivalent DPS value of crit (ignoring its percentage increase), the value remains the same. 14.28 RAP will always net you 1 DPS. This is true, but the potential is less when you value AP more heavily than crit. With higher values of crit, you have a wider range of possible DPS. You might crit more often, resulting in a much greater DPS than if you had stacked AP. With AP, your damage will be more consistent, but not necessarily better. With crit, your DPS will have lower lows and higher highs. With AP, your DPS will have higher lows and lower highs.
  13. Fisher

    Hunter stat priority and stat values

    Based on what math? If you do the math, the amount of DPS a single point of agility gives you is roughly 4x the amount of DPS a single point of RAP will give you. It is misleading to say 1 agility = 2.52 AP, because while that is technically true, it doesn't account for the crit chance you get with agility. I already explained this on another thread a couple months ago. Granted, the formula doesn't account for talents or other buffs, which is why I said it was it wasn't totally accurate. Not to mention, the more RAP you have, the more DPS crit is going to give you, and the more crit you have, the less DPS crit is going to give you. It's never as easy as saying "the stat is always worth this much," because of the way the stats interact with one another. However, if you want the bare bones essential understanding of their value, what I provided was it, not yours. RAP is not a calculation of the stat's worth in terms of DPS. Yes, 1 agility gives 2.52 RAP, but 1 agility gives more DPS than 2.52 RAP.
  14. Fisher

    Hunter stat priority and stat values

    This is what I came up with on a similar thread, but it's not totally accurate. It doesn't consider the scaling nature of stats for hunters, and only provides a very rough understating of their values. Ignoring all other stats, this is how much DPS each stat would give you: Obviously Stamina and Intellect don't actually give you DPS, but they're still important for a raider, if only a little. Judging by this, 1% crit is actually way more than 40 Attack Power. Take this with a grain of salt.
  15. You need to show that the actual cast time is reduced with video. If your mod says it's reduced, but it isn't actually reduced, how would a screenshot help? That said, I already conceded that Quick Shots reduces the cast time. It follows that Rapid Fire would do the same. However, the one point I was still contesting (Berserking), you didn't even bother to screenshot.