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  1. Nighthaven — Its been 1 month!

    Sorry for making so many people roll warrior :S Happens by accident >:)
  2. Update: Streaming daily and it's going pretty well! I am leveling my warrior and I'm happy to say that I've found some decent stream settings that allow me to stream at 720p somewhat SMOOTHLY. Thanks to those who tune in. Will be no-lifing it pretty hard for the next couple of days and I'm starting another stream just now, come watch a DANGEROUSLY HEAVY PLATED and WEAPONISED killing machine of a warrior deal DAMAGE and do QUESTS for people. Will attempt to find a group for Wailing Caverns tonight. Might be tanking it.
  3. BALZZANAR #0 - Prologue Just uploaded, enjoy! Would love your feedback
  4. My brief little PROLOGUE to the upcoming Balzzanar Tauren Warrior PvP series. Find out more at my Nighthaven PvP -> General Discussion announcement post: "" ENJOY! Note to forum staff: I intend on submitting a new forum topic here under Live Streams & Videos to announce each video (without spamming too many, obviously). With that said, I will not repeat any information of my original introduction topic and will simply link it as shown above. Please don't view this as double posting or whatever and don't remove the topic. Thanks!
  5. Hello NIGHTHAVEN, I am here to announce my plans on becoming one of THE BEST Horde warriors on the NEW realm Nighthaven. My JOURNEY will start on launch day and will be streamed on You can expect 100% GAMEPLAY by a fully weaponised and mechanised WARRIOR killing machine + a nice little PLAYLIST in the background. More importantly, I plan to create a series of FREQUENT PvP videos as I go along. This means early leveling PvP montages in the OPEN WORLD. I am a big fan of the PvP videos back in the day - the songs back then, the crits and the dumb overdone editing. Will do my best to keep mine short, sweet and electric. Rather than tryharding some 15-20 minute long high expectations ZzzZzz.. video, I will instead put out some EASY-TO-DIGEST little fun episodes for YOU. Anyone who plays or is simply interested in the Warrior class, feel free to CHECK THE VIDEOS OUT. It's gonna be like, Balzzanar released a new episode, ok, watch it for 5-8 minutes, feel GOOD, pumped up to play YOUR class and get your OWN crits on the Alliance, and push you through the difficult leveling grind of vanilla. Then you close the video and next time I put out a new video, you see that one. too. And we'll end up with a series of little episodes. THANK YOU! Additional INFO: ** I am a good warrior - keybinds, no backpedal, no mouseclicking abilities, I am competent and won't make you cringe at continuous errors while playing the class. I believe that will make it decent to watch. I don't say that in a bragging way, my PvP video series will be lighthearted and dumb and fun, hopefully. They will be far from having an elitist (/puke) attitude. ** I am not a powerleveler/speedrunner. I will most likely be using some guide addon or just going zone from zone doing quests and regular stuff. However, I will be playing a lot and will do my best to be efficient. Overall, I aim to be "ahead of the curve" at best as far as leveling - that should allow me to have fun in open world PvP and kill Alliance. ** The youtube streaming is mostly an afterthought. It's all about the videos and just being a really, REALLY active PvP player while everyone's leveling. The stream will seriously just be my warrior gameplay + music, tune in if you're BORED or just wanna keep track of some decent warrior's progress while YOU'RE leveling up your OWN Nighthaven character too. To compare. TEASER: EPISODE #0 - THE PROLOGUE to the SHITSHOW the Launch day will be RELEASED LATER TODAY/TONIGHT.
  6. Can I have my character?

    EDIT: I solved it, don't mind