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  1. Balzzanar

    Nighthaven — Its been 1 month!

    Sorry for making so many people roll warrior :S Happens by accident >:)
  2. My brief little PROLOGUE to the upcoming Balzzanar Tauren Warrior PvP series. Find out more at my Nighthaven PvP -> General Discussion announcement post: "https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/57254-balzzanar-tauren-warrior-pvp-progression-announcement/" ENJOY! Note to forum staff: I intend on submitting a new forum topic here under Live Streams & Videos to announce each video (without spamming too many, obviously). With that said, I will not repeat any information of my original introduction topic and will simply link it as shown above. Please don't view this as double posting or whatever and don't remove the topic. Thanks!
  3. Balzzanar

    Can I have my character?

    EDIT: I solved it, don't mind