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  1. when i cast arcane missles, the target gets taunted right after i cast, instead of taunting when the first missle hits
  2. koseku

    Vanilla Rotations?

    Hello, I want to roll a class which does not have a boring rotation. Such as frost mage which spams frostbolt everytime or any class which requires you to spam any skill that is off cooldown. I want to use my skills perceptively. Whenever they are actually needed. Can you suggest a class/spec like this? Thank you.
  3. koseku

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    We are quite OK in Darrowshire, i wouldn't want pvp server kids in my progressing pve adult realm. Those who like to get ganked by 60s at redridge are not normal...
  4. koseku

    Choosing a class

    awesome! thats exactly what i needed, thanks :)
  5. koseku

    Choosing a class

    then how people choose what class to play?
  6. koseku

    An ideal 40man raid class combination?

    so give me examples for some situations...
  7. What would be an ideal raid combination? 5warr, 5 mage, 5 priest, 5 paladin/shaman, 5 rogue, 5 warlock, 5 druids, 5 hunters?
  8. koseku

    Is There a DPS need?

    what does caster mean? are balance druids and elemental shamans included?
  9. Hello, I was wondering if there is an article about what each class does, what are their speciliaties, how does it level, what is its role in dungeons or raids? What are their varieties? For instance i could say mages are class cannons, they are used to kite ads and best aoe in game. They can give other party member foods and drinks. Can polymorph when necessary and pretty easy to level as frost with slows etc. Is there any article like this on internet for each vanilla class? Like a small summary guide for all? I think this would help a new player on deciding whichever class he/she should choose.
  10. I applied for my account to be fixed for two times and it is said that i should be able to log in but i still cant. Nothing has changed. Please fix this, i dont want to create another account. There must be something different. I might have said bad words few times in game but i didnt know my account could get banned like this. Please fix it.
  11. hello, please check your messages, thanks
  12. Hello, i am from GMT +3 time zone and i am available to play between 18:30 to 24:00 in weekdays and everytime at weekend usualy. I can play any role
  13. koseku

    LF a level buddy

    hello which realm are you in?
  14. Hello, i wasnt playing for a long time because i got a job, and was busy. I decided to continue wow but i cant sign in to game... When i type my username and password, it says its is closed and no longer in use? I had a 59 lvl druid, please recover it back, i put a lot of effort on it, i might have did some swearing sorry for it if it was the reason. Thanks Koray
  15. Hello, me and my friend want to roll a new character and we will level together. Which combination is best do you think? I was thinking enhancement shaman & warrior since both have melee buffs and can heal & tank so farm faster. Your opinions?