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  1. "Newbie 1 post" No idea who the fuck you are. Yeah, don't let the war effort last 2 months longer than it should have, and keep BWL open for 1+ years. I understand the shutdown happened, but running it another 6 months didn't help. Nost had most of AQ scripted(supposedly) and all they needed to do was finish it, but the QA team was all like, "Yo, we aint go finish this AQ in time, so we adding a 1000 time more mats for the War Effort in order for us to finish it." Naw, not really. If they had a release schedule, and actually followed it. You'd see a lot of people stick around, but now it's in Chinese hands to keep Anathema afloat. Without them...R.I.P just look at realmplayers. For ally: Pact Of Shadow light hope Miracle War Soul Moon Tomorrowland The Gilded Rose The Twilight Convenant Dominate the Palace Story *Insert whatever obvious one I'm clearly missing*
  2. Why do you keep following him around, and enabling his behavior? That's what I don't understand.
  3. Having no developers really shows. Open source fixing everything. How fucked would the server be if it had never gone open source? I'm really curious. Well, if they had an actual team, they wouldn't have had to gone open source to begin with. So, I guess the jokes on me.
  4. Pest

    How to save Anathema

    Look, I don't agree with Duki because he's fucking retarded and has his own agenda, but there were a shit load of ads regarding Felmyst, and having 15k+ In a queue was a result of that. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-07-18-new-world-of-warcraft-fan-server-recreates-the-burning-crusade-as-it-was-a-decade-ago http://kotaku.com/new-world-of-warcraft-fan-server-takes-players-back-to-1796551541 http://massivelyop.com/2017/06/28/new-world-of-warcraft-emulator-project-takes-players-back-to-the-burning-crusade-era/ https://www.gamespot.com/articles/world-of-warcraft-burning-crusade-legacy-server-go/1100-6451888/ Like I stated before they got EXTREMELY lucky the server died within hours. I loved reading the Elysium discord chat with gm's. They were prob sweating bullets.
  5. Pest

    How to save Anathema

    No duh, which is why I included that in my statement. Chinese is more than 50% of Anathema at any given moment. If they quit the server. The Staff will have to do something. I love how you said, "They support the community and donate toward the upkeep of the servers." Yeah, selling gold will do that, and just to reiterate, if the Chinese leave Anathema. It's over, but will that happen? Not if there's money to be made. You're right. It's a stupid idea. Who the fuck would ever wanna transfer to a Chinese dominated server?? I'll prob just stick with Elysium casually. Anathema is done, and there's nothing they can do to save this server except make transfers available, and anyone else trying to suggest otherwise, you're in complete denial. They also dodged a bullet with Felmyst not launching. Like, I couldn't even picture the server status if Felmyst were up right now. Oh, but guess what. Where did all those felmyst people go? Warmane, and the Elysium server. How many came to Anathema. Well, according to the numbers, we lost even more. Oh well.
  6. Pest

    How to save Anathema

    I'm just gonna bite the bullet and reroll on Elysium. Level up casually, have a good time. Then 4-5 months down the line, and maybe, just maybe naxx gets released. We'll see where the server is at then. Cause all of these suggestions are clearly outlandish, and never gonna work unless the china guilds up and quit Anathema.
  7. Pest

    How to save Anathema

    Lmao. I'm sorry, but if you're NA. The server is so far from fine. Weekend raiding guilds? Gone. Oh, can't raid Wed/Thurs. Well, 90% of the NA guilds raid those 2 days, and now your only option is that 1 guild, and if they don't need your class. Fucked. You're 100% not NA. Your opinion is irrelevant. Euro/CN, server is fine.
  8. Pest

    How to save Anathema

    1-30 takes 2 days, and you're saying it took you months to get there? I don't think Vanilla wow is for you. I feel like I've read this exact same thing before, and if this copy pasta. Well, you got me.
  9. http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidOverview.aspx?Raid=80893
  10. Pest

    How to save Anathema

    You think BWL will only last 2 months on Elysium??? Try 6-8 months, and then the AQ event, and then you can talk about merging servers, but good luck with that.
  11. Are you ever not bottom of the healing meters?
  12. Lmao. I forgot I wrote this. Forest was acting all high and mighty, and then the same week he types that, BOOM! Just a joke, but I forgot you take this shit seriously. "Top Tier" guilds fuck up a lot too.
  13. http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidOverview.aspx?Raid=79018 I bet you wished there was a teleporter now Lmao.
  14. Do this with Alliance guilds. Only ones I know recently were <INSOMINA> <Entitled> <Ritual> <Thundercats> <Make Azeroth Great Again> and a couple others I'm forgetting that have disbanded in just the last month. Wonder who'll be this month.