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  1. There should be another fresh vanilla wow server, so I get a rogue raid spot. all raid spots for rogues on Elysium are full.
  2. I do not get farmed in battlegrounds anymore
  3. Anathema is running out of time, players from Anathema are on that pay to win server. Anathema needs this expansion right now so those players leave that pay to win server and go to Anathema. I don't want Anathema players to wait for Elysium to get the next expansion. What the gms should do is they should give Anathema the next expansion and then, when Elysium is going to get the next expansion, they should get a fresh server. just don't tell Anathema players that Elysium will get a fresh server. So now Anathema players don't have to wait for Elysium to get the next expansion. why should it be the fault of Elysium players that Anathema players have to wait for the next expansion. and when Elysium gets their fresh server. let the Anathema players transfer to the fresh server just restart all their levels and gear.
  4. The fix for Battlegrounds on Anathema is very good, Before I got farmed by guilds in battlegrounds. Now I go to battlegrounds every day. I hope battlegrounds get fixed on Elysium so I don't get farmed anymore by guilds on Elysium. You are doing a good job Elysium. And it is good that raid gear will always be the best gear. pvp gear should not be better than raid gear.
  5. There is a player in my guild he says he is not a gm, he is a gm and he told me gms don't have to tell you if they are a gm.